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She had a natural glow about her. Always being able to attract people like moths to light. She was naturally beautiful and sweet. Everyone bathed in her company.

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“I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but uh… that’s not gonna happen.”

The small pout he received from her made him frown.
He didn’t like seeing her like this.

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“Mmmm! This is so good,” she exclaimed, consuming and licking the top of her ice cream cone.

“What flavor is it?”

Color flooded her cheeks faintly, “Strawberry.”

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Such a sour feeling. A horrible feeling.

Usually holding your newborn baby in your arms should be the most beautiful feeling in the world, especially after having it in your womb for nine months, but this time it was terrible, knowing she would have to give up her precious baby in less than thirty minutes.

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She held the bundle of joy in her arms, staring into his eyes with unconditional love and adoration.

But simultaneously, bitterness was what she tasted in the back of her mouth, knowing she had to give him up.

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He is my only outlet. When in times of true lamentation, I just think about Him. I know I can trust Him. I know He will make everything right.

He’s giving someone else to love right now and I thank him for that.

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Those words cut me.
A blade dipped in burning fire.
Cutting through my chest.

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Aw man. I really despise when I blush. I turn extremely tomato red. It’s is so utterly embarrassing. Even at the mere mention of his name or when I speak about him for five seconds, I just blush like mad. I don’t know why. I guess it just demonstrates how much I really have a crush on him.

» Posted By yonochan On 02.10.2010 @ 10:13 am


A mere glance changed my life forever. Just strolling through the crowd, I saw him. For the first time ever. An unfamiliar face. One which I did not know would ultimately save me from my own self destruction. One glance was all it took.

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Stupid thumbtack. They put it under my chair. Everyone was expecting it too. They had planned my demise with a simple metallic deadly thumbtack. All they needed was to see my face contort into an expression of pain and see me shooting up out of my seat.

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He’s like a brother to me. The one I tell all. The one I fully confide in. I don’t remember one instance, moment, time when he wasn’t there for me. It’s just… how do I tell him I’m in love with him?… when all we’ll ever be is friends.

» Posted By yonochan On 02.05.2010 @ 8:38 am

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