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She wondered slowly around the park, deliberately stopping every fun minutes to stretch our her arms and then fingers and breathe in the air. He ruffled skirt moved ever so softly with the breeze. The smell of sweet times long gone, the only remnant a shy echo drifting through the air…

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The man burst out every which ways with bodacious attitude. Killer sideburns, a smile that could blow the mind of every teenage girl within a 5 mile radius, not to mention the curious drawl that seemed to have a life of its own. Johhny had finally arrived.

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Honey, can you pick up something for me on the way home?

Yes, but nothing too heavy, I have to join the girls for jogging later on tonight.

Oh, yes that sounds alright I guess.

No, wait. How about a Pretzel?!

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word: mahjong

In imperial palaces during the Ming dynasty, it was common for nobles to play with jade carvings arranged in a rectangular board. Over time, this evolved to what we know of as modern Mahjong. What once was restricted to the elite subsequently spread through all of society, from rich trophy wife down to noodle seller on the street.

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He had the sly, killer look. Beneath it was a calculating and dangerous mind, full of plans and things to make happen. He had the power, he had the domestic.

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Beautiful Brazilian lady is dancing the cha cha cha
Her hair is flowing and swaying
Her hips are rumbling up a tropical storm
Thick lips full of passion for living
And a mole of desire gracing her juicy face

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He put down the phone, confused and frustrated at himself. He was a grown man, an adult specimen of the species, surely able to control his urges primal instincts. Yet he found himself sorely tempted by her sultry tones and wicked laughter. Things wouldn’t be the same from now on.

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Cats are such curious creatures. They live life full of lethargy twinged with spurts of actions. They gladly ignore their human captors yet snuggle at times. Who knows what is happening inside their curious little heads.

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There lies a whole sea of abandoned lives. Not on purpose mind you, just lost and unable to be rescued, back into the warmth and comfort of the present. Oh this doesn’t happen nowadays, with advanced location technology and retrieval at the snap of a finger.

This doesn’t help the forgotten ones though. We think of them and lower our eyes in silent respect. The colors they used to bring to life, hidden.

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A tropical oasis, a place filled with life and activity. Breathe in the smells, the vibrant soul of the wasteland. Dismissed as a pile of trash by the overlords, it gave rise to a new hope for the millions of impoverished, a virtual gold rush for the poor yet eager hordes.

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My bones creak while running. Creak creak creak over the concrete floor. They creak in disapproval at the sorry state of the world. Of forests felled and lives extinguished. These bones are shouting out.

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word: constancy

Her life of late had eased into a comfortable rhythm of work and friendships. Ever since moving to Utah, her previously chaotic life of personal dramas, destructive relationships and confusion about direction had been replaced by a calm relaxed constancy. For the first time she felt she could exhale and enjoy.

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I want a console for my emotions. A dashboard to track my daily ups and downs. Just like in a car, I could know when I need to fill myself up, when I’m running too hot or going too fast. A console to be by my side, be my trusty companion through the task of life. A product idea?

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Birth of a new day.
Birth of new hope.
Hope for a new start, to clean the slate.
To open our eyes and look at the world with wonder.
Wonder at the joys of simple things, of friends and hobbies.
To live life with a smile.

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He peered over the counter at the shy young man before him. The man shuffled nervously, wiping away his curly locks from his slightly sweating forehead. It had only been a week since he received his license request, but after some consideration, the officer gave him the benefit of the doubt. “Waver granted. Be careful kid.” The kid’s first reaction was one of relief, then of determination for the mission that lay ahead…

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It was a new service, introduced after the galactic wars of 3140. The serreti people, struggling to rebound after the devastation on their land and budgets turned to post-apocalyptic tourism. The first initiative was the so called “eyeliner” tours where passengers were whisked down to eye level of the front lines of the conflict, to witness the destruction first hand.

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word: plateau

After his initial “near death” struggles in the gym, Roy noticed huge gains in fitness, endurance and speed. As the coaches looked on knowingly, he ramped up quickly towards the level of the other athletes. Yet after some weeks, as it seemed he was getting in a groove, the graph slowed down and his performance hit a plateau.

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Ah smell of the crackling logs on the pulsing fire. The taste of the crisp mountain air. Stretching out your weary legs and toasting your toes through smelly socks. This is the simple joy of camping.

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They huddled together and looked out the small fogged-over window. Sarah turned to the boys and whispered “don’t joke about what may kill you”. The boys shuddered and squeezed closer together as the thundering sound of footsteps drew near.

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i rock my look yo, my bandana is real tight son.
don’t mess with me or I’m going to have to get busy up in here.
peeps be calling my name. yo lefo when you gonna give up your throne
not in my time, i’m king of my castle.

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Eerie fluorescent light flooded the building. Sandy looked up from her position crouched on the dusty floor, past the crates of goods. Brown acknowledged her look with a curt grunt and looked down at his watch: 820pm, time to roll.

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A group of birds shrilled out in unison.
Their sharp colorful tones echoed through the misty valley.
Were they attracting mates, or simply singing at the joy of being alive?
Who knows, but it was a sight, and sound to delight in… a true chorus.

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Word: Related

The woman struggled under the burden of new families expectations. Being newly related to her husbands domineering family was proving difficult, indeed soul wrenching.

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Deadbolt, again?

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You are my deadbolt baby, I sing about you in the shower.
Whenever I need some security, you lock me up from hour to hour.
Oh i sing, I need security from something heavy and dead.
Yet I need, more from you baby give me your deadbolt feeling…

» Posted By yetihk On 04.28.2011 @ 2:36 pm


I live in a trailer. Well, not really. But sort of.

Actually I’m living in a motel, just above trailer level.

And although it’s budget, it’s fine with me. Simple, a bed, shower and lots of California sunshine. I really can’t complain about it.

A trailer life really isn’t so bad for the soul.

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Puzzling is a particularly pleasant pursuit. Puzzlers purview all possible points of view in their goal of pursuing perfection!

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Ironing the sheets, he stopped and thought about his life back in the army. It didn’t seem much different, long repetitive drills, going through the motions. Here he was just on 5 years later, back into civilian life – wife, kids. Yet part of him yearned for a simpler time without thoughts on the mortgage or credit card payments.

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Styrofoam is candy for the other senses!

Twisty, squeezy, bouncy, floaty, and deliciously crunchy to the ears.

Light to touch, and just the thing to forget serious things in the world.

One of life’s simple pleasures, I say.

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Foreign people brings up two different images in my head.

Arrogant foreign devils who ignore local culture, act with sense of entitlement and make no effort to fit in. yes, I admit, I was one of them.

On the other hand, foreign people are interesting, different and give a different perspective to our world.

» Posted By yetihk On 04.21.2011 @ 7:35 pm

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