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suddenly she was plagued by an unpleasant burst of unfamiliar sensations. Her eyes welled up, she wanted to punch someone next she threw her head back laughing. Finally she collapsed gasping for breath.
what was going on? the scientists observing her noticed an irregular shift in her brian waves. Oh no, its happening again, screeched the project head knocking over his coffe cup in the ensuing chaos. We have to shut her down before its too late. She’s nothing but a killing machine!

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a tornado of energy she picked everything up and put it where it belonged. raging across her room she cleaned and arranged all her belonging. it was a relief to be able to enjoy the space again.

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Its practically, uh uh.. she stuttered wildly waving her hands in an effort to find the correct word, uh a calamity. her audience bobbed their heads with a grim silent obedience, still unaware of her meaning. To be honest, she still wasn’t entirely sure herself.

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brick by brick the house was built. Who knew that bricks good stand for so much and so little. They sighed as they looked upon what it was now, just another pile of rubble. The war had brought tragedy to many.

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beware of dog. ha, I laugh in the face of danger she thought as she climbed the thin wire fence anyway. It was easier than walking all the way around the building. But as she carefully made her way to the top the dog made an appearance. Not only was it frightening, it was a real bear. She forgot herself for a min and sat at the top of the fence staring as it bound toward her snarling, spitting and barking. Just in time she freed herself and climbed back down the side she had come from. but she had ripped her nice pants and managed to also get a deep cut up the inside of her thigh.

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it pained her to think of the task and how it was being handled. but no one wanted her help, no one asked for it and no one was going to. sometimes it is best to keep your knowledge to yourself she guessed. but it is really frustrating when that ass-whole keeps stealing away the things she had created.

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this is a tale of not only two cities, but of the people that live and thrive their. our main character is an exuberant flirt and vivacious traveler. She wants to see the world but can she leave the love of her life back home in the city he refuse to leave.

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tales of great heroic deeds. he had been a hero. a hero in the hearts and minds of the people. But now she knew the truth, it had all be a lie. Just another pretty tale. A bedtime story. nothing more.

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The soft mud combined with the spiky dead grass. She dug her toes into the mud contemplating the terrain.

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the flat color dulled the painting. it was impossible to notice anything but the stark static surface. Why was this work of art so popular? why did it sell for such a high price?

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his handsome features scrunched into a grimace of dislike. “lets go” she half whispered loudly as she pushed him aside and grabbed her bra and panties.

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THe little red wagon that I used to ride in and then sit in and watch the tacoma park parade go by. thats what i am thinking of as i look at the word wagon. wagons are just i donno old school i guess

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i cant wait to go to Milan. I hope i get to be a part of many festivals its so exciting!!!! omg yay!!! Espically a masked affiar in Venice that would be so great and cool

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the odds were against her. She shifted her gaze from one spot to another and felt the skin of her face turn bright red. She became worried sick that he might notice but he continued to gaze steadily into his empty glass.

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the function of a heart is to pump your blood through your vains. Thats it. It sounds simple enough and yet the excitement and passion that comes from that.

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She was overly conscious of her hoop earrings and the message that they sent or whether they looked good. But they did look good. They looked amazing.

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Deep within the cabin there was something dark and mysterious or something like that. Cabin Cabin plane cabin

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The collar of his shirt was high and pristine. He ironed each button down shirt carefully and methodically each morning before he wore it. If nothing else, He could always control this.

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