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i am constantly looking. looking for approval, looking for love, looking for a laugh. I am constantly looking for something to make this life worthwhile. Being too observant can make you bitter, and resentful when all you see are people looking past you.

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i am an empty pit, in the middle the city, in plain sight, billowing up dust silent dust clouds in the wind and, eroding, eroding, eroding. several years ago someone taught me how to hate myself and i have not been the same since.

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Sorry aber mein Engisch verläßt mich hier gerade. Incest ist es nicht, essence ist es auch nicht, also muss ich weiter raten. Census ist die Meinung vieler also in der Meinung vieler? keine Ahnung und zum Glück ist die Zeit jetzt auch um.

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yes. wordly. that is the word.

Worlds apart and now were birds
how could anyone be a turd if worlds are worlds and turd are turds?
but wait, we are not worlds, the only alternative is we are turds
this is the hard truth of life, when turds and worlds and strife and knife.
but who is purple and who is green?
is salad green? is it also mean?
but what about other things that we see, lets talk about those
lets speak about toes
I have ten but you have nine? why is that when you’re so fine?
nevermind you are not fine, i see your pain and ill raise you mine
I’ve been abused ive been refused but most of all Ive been confused
though all of this is nothing when, you are just a turd.
and I am just a bird.
and together we live in this great big world
so we call ourselves worldly.

lets talk about worldly

yes. worldly that is the word

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My favorite desert would have to be my great aunt’s Albanian baklava. The nutty sweetness and the flakiness of this delectable pastry has been perfected.

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you are golden

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This word brings froth thoughts of both restriction and liberation. I see families, communities and nations becoming keepers of their own homesteads, acting as stewards for resources that matter and support us all. But then there’s the whole required women’s role business. Bummer.

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go onword to the laskdjfa;l kaslkdj lk;adsfjslkd;jf lskdjf sdl;kfjslkfjslkdfj im going insaneium in the ranium insane in the membrane blarglefish is not the right taco for GOD because of the illiterate books in my house. im wondering about the fish, where wre they thinkinh? this goes on forever. forever. forever. forever. (etc.)

until now i have not been so DETERMINED to not be DETERMINED. figure that one out. not that ANYONE is EVERYONE or EVERYONE is ANYONE but, i digress.

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too many people allow egos to take over the way they think and what they believe it can ruin relationships as well as yourself as a person.

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it was sudden


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i was out and gone with none but all to pick me out of the fallout. i was a broken wing with a bird and some old furniture. left to my name or yours or ours…. its all the same.

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the day is hot and humid, stifling, like a hot cloth to the face. i cannot breathe or move, i dont even want to live, it’s too hot, please get me out of here

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CSI there’s an evidence with corpses and so on and then they find this one little red hair you know whith this hair they can find the murdw

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It made me proud to think of you as yourself, not as a smaller, shyer version of me. It made me sad to realise we weren’t as alike as everyone thought we were. Despite my pride, I hardly knew you.

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“Spot on!” cheered her grandfather, waving his yellow rain hat over his head. Marmaduke smiled and took a bow.

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“Spot on!” cheered her grandfather, waving his yellow rain hat over his head. Marmaduke smiled and took a bow.

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She took her pillow, bag, and makeup case.
She took the cookies in the cupboard, the leftover lasagna from the night before, and her big blue mixing bowl. There was also a gaping hole in the wall where the clock was.
She took her coat.
And she left.

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Standing in the wake of his old door frame, the man sipped his coffee. A tray of fries had been set out before him. This was going to be a long day.

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I hate them ever so much! They’ve done nothing but ruin my life! Oh, woe upon my life that such a device has been born into existence! Wait, oh, the word is microphone. I thought it was something else. Uh, yeah, so… microphone. It is

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I got out of my car to inspect the damage. The front grill of my car was smashed beyond repair. I clawed at my hair. How could I be so stupid?

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