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one day a glove was wanting to be a bird so it tried to fly but it could not so it went to the wise old man in the village and asked if he could help him but he cod not

» Posted By wylie On 10.23.2017 @ 11:05 am


wide open spaces. I’ve been terrified of them since I was a kid, and I’ve never been able to figure out why. The shrink says agoraphobia is fairly common and not to worry about it, but it’s hard not to worry about something that keeps you from going to the mall or the park or the county fair…

» Posted By Wylie On 03.03.2009 @ 12:05 pm


I want to act. I guess I’ve always wanted to. Ever since the plays in elementary school I thought I could be great. I havn’t acted for a long time and really don’t plan on doing so, but I would the first chance I get if I got one.

» Posted By Wylie On 11.14.2009 @ 8:53 am

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