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Wind turbine of course. I’m envisioning driving through the wide open yet equally narrow and forbidding curves in southern California as I head west from LA to the turbines about 20 minutes outside Palm Springs.

It’s a weird time trance there. Somewhere between the future where wind power governs the world and the romance and cheesiness of the 1950s/60s.

Something I love about LA and California overall. IT’s got glitz, big sunglasses and bad but humorous and endearing architecture.

It’s the Beverly Hilton. The relic of another time. It reminds me of wht was once the glamor of the Hilton Hotel in Longboat Key that now seems worn and dated and lovely reminiscent of childhood and another world.

It’s a Whitney Houston song. Powerful. Beautiful. Bold. Soulful. Tragic. The kind of tragedy you want to wipe away with one of her notes. Big hair. Big sunglasses

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