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I was near the edge. I didn’t know what else to do. Before this time in my life, i knew exactly where i was going, with who, and how i would exactly get there. You could say my life was mapped out, and i could tell you everything that was going to happen next. Inevitable? Maybe. Fate? Yes. And most importantly, it was very predictable. Well, that is until now. Now, i’m near the edge of every single thing i thought would be happening in my life. What’s happening? I wish i knew.

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“Amuse me,” he said. “How?” she replied back with a snark of a smile. This little game that they have been playing has been going on for two weeks now, both of them too scared to fall into commitment. Having fun is one thing, but having a dedication to each other is a polar opposite. Am i ready for love? That’s one question that i have to ask myself, and it’s the one answer that i’m not ready to tell yet. I’ll keep it to my self; i’ll amuse myself.

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Thunder and lightning filled the sky, the sky of trembling beings. I was scared enough, let alone to see that i was all alone. I felt like i was the only one of this planet, and being here wasn’t good enough anymore. I didn’t know what to do, or who to go to. The sky lit up, almost making it look heavenly. I knew this earth was more like heaven than i first thought. I guess i misjudged this world.

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The illest thought that i could ever possibly think of, was the thought of actually being ill. I couldn’t imagine having a disease that was so life threatening, that every day, i wouldn’t know if it was my last. I wouldn’t know when or even where my passing was so destined to occur, or who was going to be there for me to say the last dying breathe out to. It scares me to think that one day, we’ll all be ill. Ill enough to die…

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“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” i’ve heard that saying so many numerous times, that i’m done trying to count the inmeasurable teachers, moms, and uncles that have said that to me. I know i should believe it, but i just can’t wrap my finger around it. Yeah, sticks and stones do hurt, there’s no doubt about it, but words can somewhat hurt even more. It hurts the most.

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A cigarette. One word, but with thousands upon thousands of different meanings to do. Everyone has a different approach as to this. Some may think it smells, giving off a nicatin odor that you can smell from miles away. Others may have the same thought, but also love it because theyre so addicted. This kills many of people, and leaves them without hope. Theyre without hope, but with an obsession. An obsession that kills.

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The death plague was a nasty one to handle, with sadness and hopefulness spreading throughout. This disease was caught by every soldier in the Vietnam war, and there was no way to try to escape it. This was becoming of our once great, and healthy nation, being that it is now just a steadfast way to dying. This is the depressing truth, and there’s nothing else to say about it other than, “I hope i can make it out alive.” There’s only hope to get us through it all…

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i saw the straw on the table. just sitting there, helpless. it couldn’t move on its own, and the stationary person that was sitting aside of it didn’t feel the need to pick it up. instead, it sipped his coffee without it, touching his lip to the lip of the cup. now, he has herpes. he could’ve had that taken care of with the twist of his wrist, to put the straw in his mug. maybe one day he’ll learn.

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the maroon mattress was something you don’t see everyday. it’s like a “blue moon” kind of thing, and it’s something that makes you really apreciate that not everything in this world is ordinary. usually, since the first time i took a breath into this world, ordinary things take up space. this maroon mattress contradicted that. when have you ever seen such a thing? i’ll tell you, never. i’ve never seen something more unique, even if it was only a mattres. baby steps into the uniquness of this world of ours that we live in.

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i set my cast out into the dreary lake, in hopes to find anything. anything at all was completely fine with me, because i was desperate. i was desperate to prove to everyone around me that even girls can fish, and even girls can do the “guy” things that are so common to be only theirs. girls can do anything that they set their mind to, so i was going to show up these guys, as best as i could. i casted my rod, in this lake, in this world of ours.

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i was casted for the play in about 2 seconds, but the wait to hear if i actually made it seemed like centuries. i wanted the spot so badly, that i was depressed for days when they hadn’t called. finally, days later, and many tears shedded later, they called back, saying that i actually had gotten it. tears of jubilation surronded my face, in stead of tears of actual sadness. that was the best day of my life.

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i craned my neck trying to find the look in his face. i needed to see the face that was so beautiful, the face that made me wake up every morning, with a smile plastered on, in hopes that i would be able to see him, let alone talk to him. if only i could say a quick ‘hi.’ or a ‘wow, it’s hot out today.’ that would honestly be enough for me. i just wanted a simple little effect that somehow would spark my name into his beautiful mind. hes beautiful.

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i think an honest person has a lot to do with their characteristics. for example, a liar would be a cheater, whereas an honest person would be upfront about everything. with an honest person, you shouldn’t worry about second guessing yourself about whether he or she is telling the truth, because the fact of the matter is that they always truly will be.

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