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underneath, i leave a space around it, so you can see that i you. we can share the burden; you and me, let me carry some of the load

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a decade of dance
descends on the deeds
of the dead deans of desire

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she once was a believer, until the day she fell in the love with the reverends daughter.

he sensed the growing attraction between the two girls and organised for his daughter to be sent away.

she believed in her heart of hearts they’d find each other again

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her eyes darted around the room looking for something to say. she stared right at his crotch and held her eyes there for a good few seconds, immediately his eyes dropped to his crotch and his eyes said he’d already forgotten

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with head cocked, he looked slyly across his nose, while he ran the tip of his finger alongside the ledge. then suddenly she came bursting through the room screaming “stop

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