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I don’t like it when people respond to “we’d love to see you at an exercise class,” with “yes, I definitely might come soon.” You’re either going to or you’re not.

You have to just do it, not say you might.

be mighty!

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She thought he was handsome and so attentive. Then next thing she thought was about the location of her clothing, the pain in her head, the wetness between her legs. Perhaps her drink had been spiked!?

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It was well past midnight and outside the wind howled and the cold tore at the shutters on the old clapboard house she shared with her clinically depressed mother. It was a comfortable feeling that she cherished. She usually wallowed in her mother’s unreality.

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difficult. life is difficult. Every ones putting pressure on you and forcing you into a life you don’t even want. Having anything to do with growing up is difficult. Friends, family, school, work who knows? Its just difficult to do anything anymore

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I think of Pandora in the movie Avatar. I mean the scene when Jake in the forest at night and all of the plants are glowing.

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In my house, belated is all we know. Maybe because our idea of time and the present has been so changed from what it’s supposed to be. Maybe because we’re so caught up in what we’re supposed to do that we completely forget about what we need to do. Stop. Take a moment. Celebrate. Watch out for the world.

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You say that whatever I do will compensate for all the time you’ve spent on me. That it’ll be worth it. That you don’t need anything in return. Don’t you realize though that it’s not for you? It’s for me. I can’t live knowing that I haven’t done anything in return.

» Posted By valerie On 02.20.2014 @ 6:52 pm


up and down up and down remember the guy at Dalton in the elevator, such as nice guy sometimes wish we had an elevator here tho mostly can magage fine. reminds me of Paris where elevators are tiny and slow. elevator to the sky what a thought waht happens

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Standing on the ledge of a building, I look down at the ruthless world below me. I see strangers bumbling through crowds like they’re the only person there.

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I like to measure with a ruler

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i am adorned with a rose, a red, magical rose with thorns that can prick, and also thorns that can heal. they heal the body, heart, and soul. they also prick the body, heart and soul. pick your thorns carefully, bc you may not know which one you are getting. it’s an adventure in love and trust. some painful thorns are good for you, though it doesn’t feel that way.

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Thesis, antithesis, synthesis…History…Opposite of thesis? Maybe…Positivism, Materialism…Marx? Nope….Engels? Probably….

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The window of my laugh shattered when I opened that door and realized what had happened. My heart sank as my hands laid upon the spot it once was. I stood there, wishing I could rewind the time.

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she spilled the milk but knew not to cry over it. it had happened so many times before. this time she realized that it honestly just was NOT WORTH IT and walked away. no paper towel, no lysol wipe, no clean up at all. she didnt even call mommy to ask for help. she had learned to adapt

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They had told me that catapulting my sister would be a bad idea. But she sat in the slot made for a mini person so perfectly. A look of pure joy rested on her young innocent face. I mean, she wasn’t that much younger than me… not really. “Ready?” I called to her, and she nodded, giving me a little assuring ‘Um Hum’.

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I had leverage over her, as I stood on the higher ground. I would make her suffer, if it was the last thing I do. She had made me suffer since the day i first met her. She had ruined my life, everything i had worked so hard for. Drugs. Sex. everything she did had no consequence. And now, I had the upper hand. i had the leverage.

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The light from her car dashboard was bright. She clicked the tiny button to mute it. He looked over at her. They were parked by a rambling beach, with only the shore line staring back, illuminated by the light of the moon. “Her name is Adriana.” “Oh.” “Well, I mean, you asked.” “Did you expect me to be happy about it?” “We didn’t say we were only seeing each other.” “We didn’t agree we needed to lie about it.” “So, we’re okay then.” “No. It would be one thing if this was the arrangement, if we both decided to be open about it. But, we didn’t. I’m not angry about her, I’m angry about you.” “So, that’s it?” “Yeah. I guess so.” He exited the car. She put the keys into the ignition and the dashboard returned to its original luminosity, her headlights beaming on a stormy ocean front.

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She made it up. Every ounce. Every fiber. Every tingling hair on the back of their necks. It was all fabricated. And she told the all, whirling around, frantic with regret and no means to take it all back.

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the color of old ladies hanging on desperately to their youth, and the color of younger ones conveying how much younger and cooler they are than the rest of us who are naturally hued. Bronze says “I tried, I wasn’t the best, but I was out here trying. Where were you?”

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She climbed up to the top in worn out shoes. He follow behind, slow, but steady. He embraced her at the last moment. Her head was chaotic, holding onto its calamity, like it was the last thing on earth. “There we are” he said, pointing down to the valley below, “There we are. Happy.”

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It wasnt working. Her breath was still and it wasnt working. She laid her head on his chest and could hear his heart. The blood pumping through his body, and her, a content listener, waiting for the moment for him to whisper something bigger than love into her ear. She waited, and listened, and it wasnt working.

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The night was lovely. Dark and enigmatic, like something glowing just beyond ones reach. She sat waiting for something more, boots grazing the side of the sofa. Call me “Boots” she yelled over the coming crowd. He laughed giving her a quick smile that she never quite forgot.

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she said the words and the spell was unleashed into the void. she manipulated manifested and bent the universal energy to conjure this latest batch of bullshit.

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its a sense of consciousness acquired only when you understand the value of things.

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I was not a very musical person, my mother had told me from a young age. She had placed me in many programs, allowing me to play the piano, the clarinet, the tuba, the sax… really anything that would stimulate the musical part of my brain. It didn’t help non that I was tone deaf.

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He was trying to destroy me. Destroy everything that I had worked so hard to create. And I just stood there, my mouth agape. What could I possibly do, as he lit fire to the building that held everything? My life. I just watched it burn, turning to nothingness.

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i heard the sounds outside my window. i wasnt sure what i was expecting to see. It was unlike i had ever heard before. I peered outside the window, looking at what had made the noises, and there, in the near distance, there was a group of people. People whom I’ve never seen before. People who most likely wanted me dead.

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something that rules over a slave and stuff. usually back in the old days of Egyptian life.

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I was placed down on the ground. It was cold so cold and I didn’t understand anything anymore but the coldness of it all both inside and out. All I wanted was to be free just once.

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i’m spent. i feel like i’m going to burst. and deflate at the same time. i am fearful of your heart. i am fearful of the forest. and you’re everything i’ve known, everything i’ve loved and everything i’ve cared about for so long. and i can’t do that anymore. i’m sorry.

» Posted By valerie On 11.10.2012 @ 3:48 pm

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