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All love of the world, a chance of travelling

» Posted By Valeria On 08.10.2017 @ 5:44 pm


computer, tv, workmate, phone

» Posted By valeria On 06.27.2016 @ 12:54 pm


Is it something that has a real meaning, weath. Does it correlate with health?
Wealth in money or love or freedom
Wealth in Stealth
No, just me, wealthy in unwealthiness.

» Posted By Valeria On 02.12.2015 @ 7:12 pm


I looked around and held my breath. This is it. I couldn’t help the uneasy feeling creeping up in my stomach, I was concerned. Maybe it was the millions of people who were watching or just my mind making things up, but I heard screaming and pretty soon it was all over.

» Posted By Valeria On 06.16.2014 @ 2:44 pm

sometimes i’m concerned about things, a social gathering, school, work, etc. Being concerned is part of life, don’t let it get you down brother! If you’re feeling concerned then just start singing a song or count to ten before you go cray cray and hurt som

» Posted By Valeria On 06.16.2014 @ 2:42 pm


rising up in the morning is the harsdest thing to do after i have slept for seveler hours usually more than 6 i feel horrible during the day.

» Posted By valeria On 11.29.2012 @ 6:17 pm


she was so afraid she couldnt move, she couldnt breath… but she coul run and skape out of bed… just too turn on the lights

» Posted By valeria On 09.23.2012 @ 8:36 pm

dark moon light train food fool love big pet baby brave medicine sun more just

» Posted By valeria On 09.23.2012 @ 8:34 pm


It is a beautiful day out, whether it is sunny, rains or snows, the world is a beautiful place. I am grateful to live in it and so blessed to be alive.

» Posted By Valeria On 09.05.2012 @ 11:42 am


Cameras are so much fun it can lead to new pictures and save memories and lives unless you lost your charger like me then that sucks and you have to use your moms camera which kinda sucks with the quality and what not but other than that it is a lot of fun.

» Posted By Valeria On 08.03.2012 @ 12:16 am


props are used to create a feeling. a feeling that normally gives you an image or an idea of the said idea. props create settings and lay the scene out for things like plays.

» Posted By valeria On 07.27.2012 @ 8:53 pm


a group of people who seem involved in a conflict, such as eye witneses

» Posted By Valeria On 07.20.2012 @ 5:40 pm


today wasnt any ordinanry day, today was THE day that i would walk the girl of my dreams home. i told her “meet me at the corner of out street, ill be there at 8am”, but the worst of the worst happened.. i had to stay up all night to do my project that was asigned a month ago and is do today. I forgot to set my alarm and
comepletely knocked out! i woke up at 7:45, i had 15 minutes to get ready. JUST 15! i couldnt do in time, theres no way i could get ready in 15 minutes to meet the girl of my dreams down the street, but i couldnt give up now! So i rushed to the shower, (got out in 5 minutes), changed in 5, brushed my teeth in 3 and left the house to meet her.I couldnt believe it! i made it down the street, waiting for the girl of my dreams, with a minute to spare. Nothing was going to bring me down today. Until.. I smelt something. I just knew that couldnt of been me recking so badly, but i had to check. so i lifted my arm up and little did i know, i forgot to deoterize my pits!! here i am, waiting for the girl of my dreams, with the smeliest pits ever. i couldnt do it, i was too embaressed. she was already walking towards me, i only thought of one thing to do, RUUUUUUUNNNN!

so i did. and that grandson, was the bigest mistake of my life.

» Posted By valeria On 06.19.2012 @ 3:29 pm


i dont know what to write with the word brief so ill just write something brief. i am here sitting and in a brief moment i will leave home and eat something because i am very hungry and in a brief second time will finish and i dont know what will happen with this brief composition.

» Posted By valeria On 06.12.2012 @ 4:48 pm


‘Hassle’.. what is the meaning of this word? I always thought I’ll get to the point of knowing complicated words in English. You know, I’m not an English native speaker. So this is something that excites me: I’m going to search this word in the dictionary next time.

» Posted By Valeria On 06.01.2012 @ 10:18 am

An irritating problem or inconvenience

» Posted By Valeria On 05.31.2012 @ 6:02 pm


school friends chores evil
idk just wanted to say hi >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> hi
LOOK LEFT…………………………..>>>>>>> U FAILED HAHAH

» Posted By valeria On 11.20.2011 @ 11:42 pm


radical, purple , 7 letters , boring
it means nothing , wow i just got more time cool , it makes me think of Adventure Time
i noticed this only has 6 likes on facebook , great more time to write this is so cool , i bet my teachers would love this page haha ill wait till the end

» Posted By valeria On 10.22.2011 @ 8:35 am


Things are never as near as you think they are, people are far and distant, everything is just an illusion, you’ll never fully know or understand someone.

» Posted By Valeria On 08.14.2011 @ 10:27 am


У каждой девчонки должно быть стихотворение,
посвященное ей, даже если
нам придется ради этого
весь чертов мир
перевернуть вверх дном.

» Posted By Valeria On 08.01.2011 @ 12:38 am


От звонка до звонка.

» Posted By Valeria On 06.30.2011 @ 4:16 am



» Posted By Valeria On 06.29.2011 @ 8:45 am


I can’t remember the last time I marched into the dark with only the soft glow of an idea I strongly believed in. I can’t remember what fearless feels like, or what it is like to see good in everyone. But I sure erase the bad memories and remember only the good ones, it’s an automatic thing in my head.

» Posted By valeria On 05.30.2011 @ 11:14 pm


Nights full of blurs and uncoordinated stumbles and fumbles.
Pretty good times if you ask me.

» Posted By Valeria On 05.14.2011 @ 7:27 pm


When beauty from within makes its way outside.
From either a wonderful diet or a beautiful soul.

» Posted By Valeria On 05.12.2011 @ 9:50 pm


Calloused hands rubbed raw for love
The butterflies in your stomach while you’re waiting for the race to start
A coxswain screaming orders

» Posted By Valeria On 05.10.2011 @ 12:57 am


A renewal
The feeling of a new chance and a new start
A starting point for something beautiful.
Something different

» Posted By Valeria On 05.09.2011 @ 12:29 am

I was born in Mexico City. I haven’t been back there since I was 15. Its been years and I’ve feel empty and incomplete. I miss the feeling of being home.

» Posted By Valeria On 05.09.2011 @ 12:23 am


i believe success is that your goal has been met. It is something that most people strive for. Success is what most people want and when they have it they are content.

» Posted By valeria On 04.04.2011 @ 10:51 pm


pertenecer amar tener pagar volver saber certezas tiempo historia memoria huellas amigos paises ciudades provincias mundo globalizaci

» Posted By valeria On 12.14.2008 @ 6:14 pm

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