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Sitting at the machine, I prepared myself for the day ahead. What story would I tell myself today as I sewed 300 pairs of shoes? Perhaps that one with the knight…

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Sitting on the couch, the heavy air and the soft cushions pushed in all around on my weak limbs. Silver sweat was on his brow as well, but his crossed arms sneered against the will of the humidity and against my sluggishness.

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Is my orbit of the display noticeable? It is such a beautiful necklace, it would be a shame for it to never be worn just because it’s too expensive. I pretend to look at other things while my thoughts whirl closer and closer to my little plan. I ask a sales associate to take it out of the case for me.

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He lifted one last forkful of his dinner. Chew, swallow.
Across the table, an empty plate.
He had forgotten Jay wasn’t going to be coming home in time for dinner.

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I looked down at my dress and rubbed the silk between my fingers. It sounded much less smooth than it felt. The hard scratch of noise contrasted the soft pink and the gentle sheen. My heart was plummeting fast even though I had every reason to be happy.

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I shuffled through the contents of the bag, deciding that drawing out the time spent reviewing my situation would keep me from getting grumpy. They outfitted us all with some essentials like toothbrushes and soap, but my stomach sank when I picked up the gun, though I was not surprised.

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I never look up when we drive past. I’m so scared of them. I’m scared because I can’t believe that it’s all about brainwashing. People are smart. They know what they’re doing.

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I could feel my limbs pulsing with energy and was doing all I could to move and break free of this strange experience. Everything around me was speeding up and blurring out as I slowly rose off the ground, held by some invisible thread through my back.

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I had made my bed. Put away all my clothes. Fed and bathed myself. Vacuumed, even. I stood in the middle of my room, with the plain white walls I could never seem to cover, and slowly turned around.

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I started to scrub the deck even harder once I heard him start talking. Everyone else listened to his tale rapturously, but they had never heard it before. Instead of listening for the hundredth time, I blocked out the self-assured boasting, simple-minded oohs and ahhs, and the screaming of my own limbs from exhaustion. The deck wasn’t going to scrub itself.

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I looked blankly at the twisted stitch. A full 30 rows back, with a lot of colorwork and shaping between me and the twist that would make me never want to wear the sweater at all.

I pulled out the needle and began to rip away at the sweater. The pile of undone red and black yarn scribbled my disappointment on the floor.

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It certainly didn’t look “nourishing.” And given my past experiences of being pressured by her to eat something weird, I gave her a look that I hoped communicated complete disgust and condescension.

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I had to decide which person to agree with, which is exactly the type of decision I never want to make. Neida assured me it wouldn’t matter who I sided with, and Orsia assured me that it wasn’t about taking sides. I kicked around the edge of the rug and cursed them both for lying.

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There is something about domestic life that I simultaneously crave and feel disgusted by. There is a peace to caring for one’s own life in the simple tasks of cooking and cleaning, but I don’t want to settle for that peacefulness when the chaos of other achievements is possible.

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Swinging my leg as fast as I could, the small rubber wheels of my scooter dutifully attempted to roll even faster. I had to beat Bobby down this hill! If you had asked me, I wouldn’t have been able to say why I had to beat him.

But when I found myself in the hospital later for my broken arm, I decided that whatever reason I had for doing this to myself was probably not good enough.

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An elm branch fell and whacked me in the face, and then Jeremy laughed at me. It wasn’t funny to me. I was trying to enjoy the one afternoon I was going to get to spend with him, lazily picnicking in the grove. But this damn branch and Jer’s damn carelessness were probably going to make that impossible.

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I gave him plenty of space to talk. The silence itched my ears but I willed myself to not be the one to break it. Daniel had all the chances he needed to tell the truth.

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The deer stood glowing at the top of the mountain. Standing on the rock with the colors of the sunrise glowing wildly around her silhouette, she looked down at me. I stood as still as I could while grasping frantically at every visual detail I could, so I could remember this moment.

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I looked around his apartment for a little golden buddha and was surprised to see a big painted elephant instead. But wasn’t that a Hindu god? I was too embarrassed to ask at this point. How could I not know which religion this guy was?

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He said he was going to make me a mixtape. I remembered all my favorite mixtapes I’ve been given, the love and care suffused into the decoration of the CD and the selection of songs. And I remember the other mixtape I’d received.
I hope it will be like the first ones.

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The gem was of a mysterious blue color. So deep, it could have been purple, but too dark in the shop for her to tell.
“I’ll offer you 40 pieces.”
“At least 60.”
“45, you thief.”

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I’m not sure if this is the outfit I should have chosen, I thought to myself. I wanted to pick something that would be definitely fashionable, yet modest. Yet, as I looked around, I found quickly that fashion in New York was very different from fashion in LA. And modesty was probably not cool anywhere.

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Was this even going to be possible? He had the typical bravado of someone promoted to leadership too early, and I had the typical pessimism of someone who had been undervalued for too long. He punched my shoulder and told me, “Don’t overthink this one, Jones.”

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The bullet shells were still warm and I rolled them around in my hand. The thick smell of steel and blood and smoke filling my head, I stepped over the body and chose to forget where I was.

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“so glad you’ve graced us wit your presence”
It’s true, the light filtered through the window and pulled an angelic glow out of her diaphanous gown as it fluttered and she sat down.
the bitch.

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Aunt Cathy has never been rude. Always the same response to presents. Oh, thank you!! So sweet but no insides. Hollow like a pumpkin. And I never saw her carve one.

I’m older now and I can see she never did.

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I never considered myself a worldly man, but as I sat and talked to this girl at the bar, I realized I had become one. All my travels and all my experiences had made me a great person to meet at a bar. But was I still a great person to know once all the stories ran out?

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As soon as I arrived at the party I knew I shouldn’t have come. I thought I saw him through one of the windows, but I told myself not to listen to my eyes. They lie, you know.
But not this time.

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the deranged man kept stumbling towards me. or was i the one stumbling? he kept asking who i was and why i wouldn’t remember my own daughter. or was it me who said that?

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It had been so long since I’d last spoke, I didn’t know how to make him laugh anymore. All my wit-ness was gone. I didn’t even have real words for him, just a dorky smile.

» Posted By ulimonster On 03.05.2014 @ 2:33 pm

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