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We had to retreat back into the schoolhouse, as the rain pelted the track. Training was over for today, On to the competition tomorrow!

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I have been accused of many things in my life, but I am guilty of a much more heinous crime than any of you could know…..

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Doyle set about implementing a revised version of the plan that Lambert had ordered him to carry out. He would meet with the people specified, and deliver to them the speech he had been ordered to give, styled to suit his own needs. Events from each person’s past would be brought out into the daylight, and the person would be persuaded to follow Doyle’s instructions to keep their political career alive. Each became part of a growing group of politicians, bureaucrats and other leaders that Lambert referred to as the “bricks and mortar” of the New World Order they were planning to put in place.

But Doyle had a few tricks up his sleeve. Knowing that the people he was manipulating would prefer to keep their jobs, and that their anatomy prevented them from standing up for something if they couldn’t cover their own ass, he made a simple, subtle implication to each of them that although the organisation was a threat to them, he himself had an escape route from their trap, and that they should place their trust in him. It was a marvel to watch otherwise intelligent, capable human beings turn into rabbits caught in headlights when the security of their career was threatened.

Doyle rifled through the file Matt had sent him, once again amazed to see what the NSA could dish up on anyone. At first he had wondered why they let people with such backgrounds get elected, as they were obviously open to threats of extortion, but after a few weeks of working for the Puppeteer, he came to realise that this was how Washington worked. Finding dirty secrets was as easy as finding pine cones on a forest floor. At first, it had made him jaded, but now that he was threatened by it, it made him angry.

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Although Matt had faulted him for taking Lucy too lightly, Doyle was no fool. Since he had been tricked into possibly being implicated in a murder, many would assume he would be dying to get out of the whole mess, to flee to someplace where he would never be found. But Doyle had a stubborn streak, and would risk being taken captive rather than deprive himself of his freedom by hiding from those who pursued him. He knew he was up against a powerful organisation, and that he could not outrun it, so he would have to engineer its collapse. For that, he needed to build a more powerful machine of his own.

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His phone rang; a number he did not know. It took willpower not to throw the damn thing in the trash. The voice, however, he did know. “We haven’t gone away, you know!” “What do you want now?” – Doyle’s voice was tired, and showed it. “Now now, this may all seem very unfair to you, but we have a job to do, and we need you to get it done.” “The election is over, I’ve done my part!” – Doyle’s voice conveyed impatience which he wanted it to. “The election was only part of the formula. We intend to compete on all levels of this game. If you’re not willing to be part of the team, it won’t stop us, we have plenty of players in reserve, and we have no intention of letting our fans be disappointed.” Doyle sighed. “What’s the game plan, then?” As he listened to Lambert’s instructions, Doyle was formulating a game plan of his own.

As instructed, he met the next day with Senator Wilkes. Wilkes was also from old money. His house was outside the city, a three storey mansion on a sprawling estate, reminiscent of old English castles. After an hour, Doyle left. Their meeting had been fruitful, but in a much different way to what Lambert was expecting.

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Doyle flipped through the file Matt had given him. “Lucy” was, as he had suspected, born into money. He wondered if it was some genetic trait that turned people with money into sociopaths, or was there some kind of college course they were sent on. Her real name was Dolores Eugene, daughter of a banker from New York, but she had dropped out of society after a few years of running a charitable foundation for her father, claiming that while it ostensibly contributed to worthwhile causes, pledging donations to housing projects and schools, it was in reality laundering money for some of her fathers less sociable clients. To rebel against this, she had joined an underground group of hackers, dabbling in cyber terrorism and other intrigue, including smuggling information and other contraband into federal prisoners. This had gotten her hooked up with a group of right wing extremists, who ranted vaguely about overthrowing the government. Her file ended abruptly at this point, apparently as a result of pressure from the top to cease observation of her. Doyle threw the folder down on the car seat beside him, and stared into the distance. He had become tangled up in a very complicated mess, and he had to figure out how to cut himself free from this puppeteer without falling to the floor.

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“How likely is it that she will?” “Oh, almost certain…” Matt gestured at a hot dog stand, and they changed direction. “They can flag data so that someone is notified if a particular record is accessed, so pretty soon you may be getting a whole lot more attention than you deserve.” “She took control of my bank accounts yesterday,” Doyle responded, pouring mustard on his hot dog, “but I’m already using cash for everything to stay under the radar.” Matt stifled a laugh; “No, I mean the kind of attention where you are escorted to a room with no wallpaper, and they start breaking you down, like in the movies, until you admit you once owned dirty pictures of Hillary Clinton, or whatever they want you to say!” Doyle smiled also. “But seriously, my friend, you need to be very careful. This could, no, will, get nasty!”

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“In my younger days, I was taking orders from the White House Chief of Staff. I have friends in high places, hell, some of them even have statues around here!” Matt swung his arm around, pointing vaguely at the Capitol building in the distance. “But this lady has connections! I tried to get her records from several agencies, but they had suffered an ‘accidental removal’ – which is what they call it when they ‘disappear’ somebody. No social security number, no medical records, no tax records, no criminal record; the lady doesn’t officially exist. And you don’t get like that unless you know the right people, and know them well, or you know how to twist their arm.” “So you found nothing on her?” Doyle asked. “No, one of my people eventually cracked it using the recording of your meeting with her. He ran her voice against the database of mobile phone calls to find a voice match, and Bingo! Here’s what we got on her.” Doyle took the folder, and started flicking through it. “Thanks, I didn’t think you’d have to go to such great lengths!” Matt smiled. “Everybody loves an over achiever! But the hard part will be making sure she doesn’t find out that we’ve found her.”

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“Anyway, find out what you can about her, illuminate me. She mentioned a stint in the marines, then law school and the Secret Service, so you might be able to track her from those records.” “But that may not have any weight to it!” Matt protested, “She could tell you anything and fake the papers to back it up!” “From her tan, I’d say she spends too much time out of doors to be part of the D.C. political scene, so she might be some rich kid, doing intern work for one of her father’s friends. The way she acted made me think she was used to being around money, but not earning it. What she was doing was more like a game to her.”

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Doyle handed the USB stick to Matt, then reached for his coffee. “In my years as a negotiator, I have learned to spot when someone is letting their guard down, revealing their true feelings. When Lucy exploded at me last night, I noticed a look in her eyes, a tone in her voice, that I have seen before in some politicians. It was not determination, it wasn’t commitment, it was an absolute certainty of her own justification. She passionately believes that what she is doing is absolutely right, and that she was ‘chosen’ to do it. People don’t get like that when they are following instructions from someone else.” Matt leaned in closer, and spoke softly; “You think she’s the puppeteer?” “There’s no one behind her, pulling her strings; I’m sure of that now. She, to borrow her expression, is the crazy, disturbed power freak whose legwork I have been doing. And now I have to trip her up.” He pointed at the USB stick. “Put that recording with the others, and talk to your friends around town. find out what you can about her, but without making any waves.” Matt shook his head. “What is it about politics that makes people so crazy!” “Oh it doesn’t make them crazy!”, Doyle chuckled; “The problem with our society”, he said as he put on his coat, “is that if some psycho shoots up a shopping mall with an assault rifle, we try and analyse what we can do to stop crazy people harming our society, but if they go into politics, where they can do much more serious damage, we call them a patriot!”

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“You want me to provoke them?!” Doyle spluttered. “They’re bound to come after me then, but it won’t be to mend any fences! I’ve kept up my end of this bargain, and now I’m being sold up the river.” “Don’t talk to me like you’re a victim here!” Lucy screamed back at him. “You think what you’ve been doing is honorable in some way? That you deserve respect and fair treatment because of it? I could bring you up on election fraud and a dozen other related charges, without even having to bother using the the murder in Bethesda! Some crazy, disturbed power freak has been trying to influence the election of our national government, and you have been doing his legwork.” She punched a finger into his chest, barely missing the microphone beneath the yacht club logo braided into his chest pocket. “You need to play by my rules, in order for me to protect you. Once this breaks open, there’s going to be a witch hunt in Washington that will make the McCarthy era look like a sunny day in the Eagle Scouts!” Her icy stare would have seemed laughable in any other circumstances, but Doyle felt he was looking into the eyes of a psychopath.
“You’ll probably think this unfair, but you should worry a lot less about your honor, and a lot more about your survival.”
“Quite,”, Doyle replied, “I think I see where you’re coming from now.”

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“I understand now,” Doyle interrupted her, “why we always meet in restaurant stalls, or corridors, rather than in your office. The Department of Justice has never heard of you. Which, you will probably tell me, is because you are so super secret , even your own people don’t know about you. You’re as bad as Lambert, always whispering from the shadows, but when I turn around there’s only fumes, nothing but a wisp to prove you were ever there!” He paused, waiting to see if she would protest, then he exploded with rage; “How do you expect me to get back in? I never was “in”; yes, they were controlling me like a puppet, like you say, but now they’ve cut the strings! They’ve shut me out! What do you expect me to do!” “Calm Down!” she replied, without missing a beat. “Or do you want your bedwetting problem to go into relapse?!” Doyle was so stunned that she knew about that that her question had the desired effect; he stared at her now like a trapped animal, awaiting his captor’s next move.
“We want you to keep doing what they told you to do, but take it one step further. You know the kind of people they had you lean on, well go for their bosses; when you’re picking flowers, you break the stem. If you get too close to the roots, they will have to act. You don’t need to get back “in”, – if they think you’re out of control, they’ll come to you.

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“I hope you weren’t thinking of leaving town without saying goodbye!” Lisa closed the door as she spoke. Then her demeanour became more businesslike. “We know about the body by the pool in Bethesda. You will be relieved to hear we know it wasn’t you, but the local PD are doing their own investigation, so keep your head down. He wasn’t Lambert, but he did work for him, so we planted enough pills, powder and cash to send the local police off looking in Miami, to keep them out of the way. What you do need to know is that this changes nothing. We still want you to stay inside the organisation; we still want to find out whose pulling all the strings in this puppet show.”

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Doyle was longing to return home for a shower and shave, but he presumed the place would be guarded like a fortress. He had asked Matt to go instead, hoping he would not attract as much attention, and he knew Matt had the skills to notice and evade anyone tailing him.
Since only Matt knew his hotel, he did not think to check who it was who had knocked, and when he opened the door, a gun barrel pushed him back, closely followed by Lisa.

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“What you do with it is, you get rid of it!” Matt growled. “Rub it down with some canned tuna to smudge any prints, wrap it in paper towels and lock it in a heavy toolbox, then chuck that sucker in a deep river so it will never wash up on shore.” His hair, long and frazzled like a psychedelic willow tree, shook as he spoke, and he snapped his fingers for effect as he pointed at Doyle’s face to make one more point. “But remember, these guys have planned this down to the last detail: it’s scripted like an episode of some TV show. You will not be able to stop them, or undo what they have done. Your only hope for survival is to derail it, to deflect it onto someone else. Only then can you crawl out from under, and maybe survive!”

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Matt put down his coffee cup. “Man, you are in trouble, but this is still tame compared to what they could get up to! You need to be very careful from now on, these people are far from inept. They could try to get to you any of a million ways; killing you would be too much hard work, they could just plant some stolen goods on you, or you could find something in your kitchen that isn’t exactly flour.” “Doyle smiled. “They’ve tried that already!” he replied. “There’s a gun under the seat you’re sitting in. I presume it’s the one used to kill the Puppeteer. I found it this morning when I was trying to hide voice recorder under there.” Matt shifted in his seat and turned to face Doyle. “You may think there’s pleasure to be derived from playing with these guys, but let me assure you, this is no game to them!” “I’m not playing with them!” Doyle blurted out. “That’s why I called you! I don’t even know what to do with the bloody thing!”

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Doyle had a dual purpose in meeting with Matt. Normally his business was one of persuasion, using either money or threatening the target’s reputation, but he knew neither of those tools could help him now. The use of force was a foreign language to him, one he didn’t want to learn; so he needed a different perspective, hence his involving Matt. Matt was an ex-soldier, who had spent what he would only describe as an “eventful” time in the service of his nation. He followed that with a decade in the Presidential protection detail, apparently having been specifically requested by the President himself, “in return for an old favour”. Matt could also serve as a witness to all that was about to happen, as Doyle was sure that whatever was really happening, the illusion was being planned so that no one would believe anything HE claimed to have happened. him. He knew he could trust Matt, a brave soldier capable of hiding his fierce loyalty behind a bland, apparently cynical demeanour, of doing the right thing when the time came. Doyle could only hope that time would come soon enough.

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Doyle peeled the plastic cover off the box and examined his new toy. At a glance, it looked like an expensive pen, and the lower half even functioned as one to maintain the illusion, but its real purpose was in the upper portion; the insignia in the clip served as camouflage for a minute camera, with electronics behind it to store up to thirty minutes of video. He had no idea who the body floating in that pool had been, and even if it was really the Puppeteer or not but it was clear that whoever had been using him now had no further use for him, and was shutting him out. At least the fact that they seemed to be trying to make him the scapegoat for all or part of it meant that they were not aiming to kill him; not yet, anyway. The only thing he knew was that he needed to know a lot more, and when it came time to do “show and tell”, concrete proof of someone else’s guilt would be central to evincing his own innocence. Another device he had bought had been a prepaid cellphone, one that could not be followed, or traced to him. His first call was to an old friend, who really HAD been in the Secret Service, but who now did favours” for people like Doyle. “Matt! It’s Cousin Vinnie! Meet me at the statue of your mother at two o’ clock!” – he smiled at their shared joke; there aren’t many statues of women in D.C., so when the subject of one of them shares your mother’s name, people are going to remember it!

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Doyle pulled into the driveway of the house in Bethesda. It was a large, old-money mansion. The Puppeteer had told him to go around to the poolhouse in the back, so he let himself through the fence at the side and walked into the back garden. As soon as he saw the pool he knew he should have suspected that things might develop this way. The body was floating face down, with two bullet holes seeping blood into the white bathrobe the victim wore. He tried calling the Puppeteer, but the phone he dialed was lying on the poolside table. He let it ring for a few minutes, looking down at his own number on the caller ID. The sound of a car door closing made him jump, and with the recovery of his wits he realised he should not stay around here too long. Returning to his car, he tried to dial Lucy, but got no answer. He gunned his car towards the interstate, and called the Justice Department, asking for Special Agent Lucy Collins, only to be told that they had no agent by that name. He knew that once the police found his number on that dead man’s phone, they would flock to his office and home. He needed time to figure things out; he needed somewhere to hide!

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As he traveled out to the address in Bethesda, Doyle reviewed the timeline of his involvement with the Puppeteer. Looking back, things had happened very fast, and in Doyle’s line of business, that did not suit him, unless it was him that was making things happen.
He had been made a very generous offer, and had taken the bait, getting into a situation that he did not control. He was furious at himself for the lapse of judgement, but retribution and self loathing could wait. He had to figure out what the Puppeteer was really after, so he could figure out how the things he had done could be used to threaten him.

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Doyle spent the election day itself making a few phone calls, deliberately to catch people while they were tied up in other things, so they would be more likely to let slip what he wanted to know. His strategy worked, and he had a productive day. Within a few days, the result of the election was clear; there had been an indistinct shift to the right, presumably caused by the replacement of hardline veterans by fresher blood who were seen as less extreme by moderate and floating voters. Doyle presumed his job was done now, and was thus surprised when the Puppeteer instructed him to attend a face to face meeting in Bethesda.

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Within a week the election was upon them. The television pundits started focusing on the sudden rash of retirements, and the impact it would have on the race. Simple algebra, they said, would give both houses to the left, but they were missing something. In all the states where the incumbent had resigned, the right was fielding moderates, candidates seemingly more acceptable to both sides. Doyle watched the talking heads on the cable channel in the lounge of the hotel where he was waiting to meet Agent Collins again. The narrative went almost exactly according to the “screenplay” he had provided to the Puppeteer. This was democracy in the modern age; voters picking up the crumbs that were thrown at their feet; voting for those they were told to vote for.

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Lucy, or Special Agent Collins, as her badge identified her, gave Doyle a few seconds for things to sink in. “So,”, Doyle was unfazed; “you’re going to drag my ass downtown and get all Guantanamo on me? I have done nothing illegal!” Maybe not,” Lucy poked a finger in his chest as she retorted, “but it sure looks like you did! You want to blame it all on some voice you hear on your cellphone? We’ve been tracing you all along, and that number drops off the grid every fifteen seconds, then resurfaces as a different phone. Hell, we want to catch this guy just so we can get that technology! If this ever goes to court, no one will believe you are not working alone, so you need to help us get his guy! We want him more than we want you anyway!” That last comment hurt his pride for an instant, but Doyle immediately realised he had to play along.

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Lucy gestured him to move away from the car, over towards the edge of the parking lot. Her gun was back in her pocket, but she made sure he knew it was still there. Once they were in the shade of the trees, she took out her mobile, and with an exaggerated gesture, turned it off. She then pointed at Doyle to do the same. Once he had done so, she took it from him, looked around them, then finally she spoke. “Sorry if my words and actions seem a little mismatched; things are getting complicated. Our phones are being scanned, and the car is wired too.” She pointed at him like she was scolding a little boy; “You’re in a much deeper rabbit hole than you think, Vincent, and I’m the only one who cares if you come out of it or not.” Then she pulled out a badge. “I’m with the Justice Department, we’re investigating election fraud, and we know everything you’ve been doing for the last seven months. so if you want to avoid going to jail, you work for us now.”

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Doyle walked back to the car, his feet dragging but his mind racing. As soon as he got in, and before he could say anything, Lucy turned to him and spoke; “Vincent, I was assigned to study under you, but also to watch you. The people we work for are very serious about what they do. And they are very powerful; so much so that no judge or jury in the land could touch them.
All they have to do is make a phone call, and someone plants some evidence that makes you look bad, and no one will ever question it. You will be gone, forever. That’s it, the end!” She paused, but did not let him respond. “So think very carefully about everything you do from now on. But understand one thing; I am not your enemy; they told me to say this.” Then she pulled her gun from her holster, and put a finger on his lips, then she motioned to him to get out of the car.

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Doyle walked back to the car, trying not to appear panicked. As soon as he was out of earshot of the building, he called the Puppeteer. “Has there been a change in strategy that I wasn’t told about?” “Hush, now, don’t get all antsy; You just keep doing what you’re paid to do!” “I do not want to be a part of anything illegal!”, he struggled to keep his voice at a reasonable level; “That was not part of what I signed up to!” The puppeteer’s voice switched from its usual sweet toned drawl to a corrosive growl; “Just keep to the game plan. If anybody starts nosing around in this, all they’re going to find is a trail to you, so you better hope this all keeps running smoothly!” The phone clicked, Doyle stopped walking, and stood staring at the phone in his hand.

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Doyle had kept on some other lobbying work so that people would not wonder what he was really doing with his time, and this was what brought him to the Capitol Building today. Working his way through the maze of corridors that led to the Senators” private offices, he listened carefully to the snippets of conversation that passed him in the corridor. The place was buzzing about the death of Congressman Willis, as it now seemed there was some kind of smoking gun, that proved his death was not a suicide.

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Days passed. Lucy proved to be a capable investigator, and was posing no problems. With her help he could work more targets at the same time, so progress was good. Doyle had been trying to reach one Congressman for several days now, but he was not answering his mobile phone, and that morning, in the car, the radio news told him why. The Congressman had been found dead, overdosed on a painkiller that was normally used for horses. Doyle could barely hide his shock, mainly because he was distracted by the lack of reaction shown by his companion. Watching her closely, without actually giving away that he was doing so, he commented; “Holy Cow, where the hell did he get hold of a substance like that?” “It’s known as a painkiller and a stimulant, and is reasonably easy to get hold of in D.C.” Her answer was just a little too fast, and much too prepared, for Doyle’s liking.

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The car lurched to a halt as another driver tried to cut in. Lucy gestured angrily at the driver, and Doyle noticed the bulge under her arm. “There probably won’t be a more opportune time to ask this, but do you always carry a sidearm?” “Once a marine, always a marine!” she chimed back. “Don’t they carry assault rifles?” he asked wryly, to which she replied while patting her side;
“I got this baby in the Secret Service!” “You’ve had an interesting career so far!” Doyle continued, as the car entered the city.”It beats shoveling fries for a living, and it got me into Law School!”

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Lucy weaved the car through the freeway traffic while Doyle read the dossier she had given him. Her resume was impressive, and she would be useful, but he still liked to work alone. He supposed he could use her for investigative legwork, as she appeared to have a background in a detective agency. She did dress like one, business suit, low heels, no purse; and her hair was cut short, barely revealing the pierced ears which were her only jewelry. “So,” he asked her, “how much do you know about what I do?” She glanced across at him and smiled knowingly; “Only what you’re going to tell me, which I’m sure will not be everything!”

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