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The old man sat in front of his student, still clutching the decayed book in his hand. His head was lolling slightly, and he could feel his strength leaving him. The boy was off getting help, as he always did. He was proud. The boy had overcome a lot, he was just glad that he had managed to instill some goodness in him before he passed. The old man closed his eyes with a smile, and they did not open again.

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The school was a large place, filled with plenty of students, eager to learn. It was only a few years later that it was filled with drones, unthinking, only following the instructions handed out to them without thought. Without creativity. Without life.

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The boy looks out at the sun rising past the valley. He has been sent forth from his home, exiled for crimes he did not commit. He must move forward, and he shall with only one goal in mind. Revenge.

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It was a short ceremony. He stared at them, looking over the freshly turned grave. They would miss him, the boy knew. The one who died. Who left them behind when they needed him most. But there was nothing to be done. It was over. He was in the ground and buried. And so the boy passed into the next world.

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He climbed to the top of he building on a whim. He wasn’t sure what had caused it, perhaps the sunset had seemed particularly nice from his window or he needed some fresh air. In any case, he knew that he had to be on top of the roof, and soon. And when he arrived he knew why. She stood there, beautiful as the last time he had seen her. As she had on the day she died.

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The water washed over his body as he stared into the darkness. The bridge was very high up now. Farther than he would ever reach again. The water seemed to permeate his skin, to go through his very being. He knew, suddenly, that this was the end. He let the current take him where it would, submitting to the will of the waves.

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The wind blew on her face as she stepped into the sunlight. Flower buds opened to greet the flowing sunlight, and a pleasant sea breeze filled her lungs as her dress blew in small ruffles around her. It was a nice day. The perfect day for the end of the world.

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Everything has mass. That’s what my science teacher said. I think. Never been too good with science, to be honest. But if everything has mass, and it’s all relative in some way, then my problems must have mass too, right? And if so, it must be pretty fucking big because they’re crushing me.

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“Anything’s possible if you want it to be,” The suited man says. I stared at him, wondering whether he was truly insane or whether he was some kind of genius. It’s not every day a man appears in your sitting room inside of a Police Box, after all. I suppose, if I’m not insane, that if things were impossible before, they aren’t now.

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It was a small room. A white room. No windows. No door. Nothing.

He wasn’t sure how he had gotten there. The last thing he remembered was falling. Falling off of what? He didn’t know.

The room is changing. The walls shifting. Turning into the night sky. He doesn’t know why, but he knows that he is going somewhere new.

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It was a crisp saturday morning in October when Bartimaeus B. Blight walked into the downtown Chicago area. Around him swirled the corpses of leaves long passed away in a wind that gave off a chill that could only be described as sinister. He breathed in deeply and grinned. “Saturday,” he said, “Good day for a murder.”

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The soldiers moved forward in a straight line, blocking off the paths through the forest. Above them, unseen, was the nest of a small family of birds. As he passed, a soldier hit the trunk with the butt of his gun. The nest fell. The soldiers moved on.

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The young boy stared up, unsure of what to do. The man was different from all the others he had met. He was taller, wearing a suit, and holding out some kind of paper bag. It had two arches in the shape of an ‘M’ on its front. The man ordered him to take it. The boy did. The man nodded and walked away, leaving the boy alone in the alleyway with his bag.
It wasn’t going to give him a home, but at least he had enough food to stay alive.

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The castle loomed on the horizon, seemingly staring down at the young slaves as they were lead up to it’s gaping entryway, as though it were a mouth waiting to swallow them. This was where the King lived, where their brothers and people had been taken for centuries, and where they would get their revenge. The slaves slogged through the rain, eagerly awaiting their chance at vengeance.

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The setting was wonderful. The perfect place. A row of cornfields, glistening in the sunset, the sun just over the edge of the hills in the background, and plenty of things going on in the background to create the atmosphere. This is where the kiss would happen. I stood back and watched it rise onto the stage, my supreme creation ready for the world to see.

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They said that I was immoral. They said I was insane. Maybe they were right, but I do not believe so. Those people I killed were the scum of the earth, If I hadn’t killed them, who knows what they would have done. My morals are simply different. They stop those who make the world a better place, and I end those who don’t.

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The clouds rose on the horizon. Was God pleased with our actions? Would the drought end like the shaman said? Were the sacrifices going to work?
We watched expectantly, waiting for a sign of God’s approval.
That was when the lightning came.

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