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Sometimes It really just feels like people are much to inverted with the ways in which they go about their daily doings, you know? How different would the world be if we all just let our word vomit out or released the need to internalize and berate ourselves? Perhaps the inverted behaviors serve as some containing social norm, but then again, we can’t all be overtly fabulous ;).

» Posted By tesa Lenee Lubans Dehaven On 03.16.2013 @ 6:35 am


The eternal bliss that exists inside each and every one of us is majestic. It cannot be seen with the naked eye unless someone is expressively blissful and even then it is not certain that this is in fact, somebody melting into the eternal bliss existing in their soul. Eternal bliss is as illustrated in the above statement, internal. It can be found externally but only in the internal workings of our psyches do we truly, truly feel, eternal bliss. I feel this mystic bliss, sometimes, I engulf myself entirely in it. Other times, I ignore it like a child faking tears, there is action indeed but no intent. I am not the child. I am the bliss. What are you ?

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her soul withered as she continued to oppress herself in the manacles of the drones living side by side in the world of lies. she questioned many things and spoke openly with others about her opinions, many of them under the spell of society agreed but did not , listen, LISTEN, hear her. They only heard the normalcy, the rise and fall of what they were told by THEM, whoever they are. She dreamed of a world free from confined thought, and instead full of extended love and communication, the exchange of ideas and people helping people, a world where the only currency was learning and mastery and the elders had the respect of past. Only one world did this exist in now…her mind. and others like her. wherever they may be. A few times a year she will meet one or two, each on their own path of enlightenment.

» Posted By tesa Lenee Lubans Dehaven On 03.10.2013 @ 10:40 pm

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