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The building was covered in vines, which alone stirred a sense of romanticism in him. Unfortunately, the macabre broken windows, demolished blinds, and candy bar wrappers stirringly set him back to reality. It set him right the fuck down to the hard pavement with a bucket and mop. It even peed on his leg when he stooped down to pet the strays.

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The old woman on the bus stop had hair like a misty fog or white smoke. What burned so that the smoke became white? I pondered this as I smoked, thereby singeing the tail of her winter coat. The next time I saw here again, the singe marks were still there…

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The morning air had seeped into my lungs. I was sure of it. There were electric static in all my nerves (or was it nerve endings?). I must have trembled through breakfast. The hillsides were misty and my head felt like a balloon hovering inches above my body.

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A side of the box peeked out from the bookcase, it’s lid filmed over with dust. I went on to not sleeping that night. The box seemed to aurally resonate in the darkness, filling my stomach with all sorts of unpleasant sensations. Curiosity bit first but it soon grew to distrust, anxiety, and even a bit jealousy. What was he hiding from me? I slid it off the shelf at 6am the next morning…

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The bells and whistles clanked and called. He felt his heart thudding to death like a bat trapped in a box. A sheen of sweat glistened on his forehead, possibly reflecting Rebecca’s paled face as they neared the door where the porter stood and boomed his voice. “ALL ABOARD.” It took a lot of will power to not recoil at the sound, to not grab her hand and turn around.

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Back then, we had ran out of the hotel to a quiet morning. Our little legs twisted and pounded like excited, startled animals before we paused. We were staring into the fog as it grew. I felt my vision disappear, attacked by steam. I was trapped. The ocean was close, I knew it; but I couldn’t see where.

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Vein pulsed as he stretched. His arms folded in and wrapped around his sides, two hands setting traps for the tendons of his shoulder blades. He pulled them back out again. I could imagine the noise they made, like taunt rope. I could smell the summer sweat on us and felt my arm slide around the crook of his arms. He didn’t even flinch, like he had anticipated my move. I wanted to choke him or scratch him but instead I swatted him and pulled away. He grinned at my discomfort.

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So many striped sweaters in her wardrobe! As he climbed in, he felt more and more like a convict. The rustling of his birthday suit and hangers and swear words soon faded out as her husband entered the bedroom…

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The leaf snuck into his bag that fall, just after he fell he fell off his bike. It crumble as he slipped and slid his notebooks out of it’s abyss; it faded as he smashed the bag to the floor in haste. It transformed, just as he had, after meeting the annoyingly important person that fall morning.

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He called the first night, then the second, then the tenth… It was always three times throughout the day, and then twice by nightfall, before ten. She wondered, later in life, how she had reacted to his first attempts calling. Was it fear that ran through her during those first rings, dread? Or was it anticipation? Surely, she was too jaded by that point to be anxious? Her old burnt heart said bitter things like that sometimes.

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She brayed out his name and the crowd turned their one-something heads. The faces intermingled, her vision dimmed. She called again and that mess of heads swarmed her, hovering like ghostly vultures. His little body grew colder the longer it took her to regain her vision and original voice.

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He hefted the dark mass onto his shovel and lunged back into the heat of the furnace. The pile of charcoal never seemed to diminish, his dreams (bubbling throughout the day under the labor) never seemed to set to motion or dwindle quite like the steam room. Its steadiness was the only thing keeping him there. He left everyday grim but a part of him was pleased with setting something forward. The crew leader never bothered him, not while the engine roared and clattered so loudly. The break whistle screamed and he fell back into the heap, bent at the knee. It caught his fall. He was so stained and bone wearied that one of the foremen could just as easy pile him into the furnace. It was whimsical thought; a first in months.

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Their lips and teeth clacked like ice cubes in a clammy glass. He piled her shirt on top of her shorts and seemed to melt the rest off her bones. Then, once, she was disassembled they stared at each other. She shivered.

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“You have offended my honor to the greatest degree, SIRRAH! I’m so angry- angrah I-I could spit. Youf disregarded my approbations and you hav crossed the line for the last time tonight! Prepare your doe-due-ueling gloves,”
“Bo, you’re drunk…”

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He disregarded the “CAUTION” warning sign, following his shadows instead. His thoughts flickered with the lantern, red hot. Was it rage or embarrassment that haunted him that last moment before he fell?

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topaz ring and long red fingernails. the secretary knew everyone that came in and everyone that left. she knew the hot gossip and celebrity buzz and infidelity secrets. the kid with the mail and headphones bothered her. so did the mousy girls with their glasses and the men too busy to flash a “morning darling.” they had too many secrets or too little; their eyes read everything. she sucked on her teeth and pretended to answer the phone.

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classless secretary fantasy. powerful male dominating submissive female. that’s how it works right? if that’s what you’re into, i’m game but you’ve got to buy me dinner first. but then again, it’s no different than those other halloween costumes: schoolgirl, maid, nurse. it’s all about dominating. dominating, dominating. i just want some clever words and deep deep kisses. why do we have to take your ego into this? it’s all about blood flow and pressure anyways.

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your shy, sheepish smile impressed me.
you looming over me in a dark crowd,
jokes but serious annoyance: too many people
too much pressure.
the strangers made you and me.
it was destruction, right?
that pressing us together made
no pearl, no diamond.
you smiled, opaque.
i charcoal, smudging to amuse myself.

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demolition of the tetris blocks was like the destruction of mars’ anxieties, piling up in the waiting room. her hoodie, fresh from the laundry, loomed over her head. black clouds and palpitations stewed in the teen’s gut. a mind blanketing numbness swallowed her up and finally got to her fingertips when she heard: “ms. smith? the doctor’s ready.”

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