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I want to run
but my legs won’t take me

I want to fly
but my mind fights against me

tethered, grounded,

I’d flee my fate
if it meant release

» Posted By teachthegirl On 10.17.2015 @ 4:33 pm


It took a while to be noticed
longer still to be well known;
still, it was nice to be mentioned
before they tore me from my throne

“Down, the vile disbeliever!”
“She’s not worthy for her crown!”
perhaps there was some truth to it
but it all but cut me down

Lurking in the shadows
finding light in places unseen;
for now I was a phantom
a shell of who I’ve been

But I’ll build up my strong image
from the dashed hopes of my past
for when they force you into madness,
you’ll pray it doesn’t last

Hollering at sunlight
dancing rainbows in the street
I may not be on high anymore,
but I’m the best person you’ll meet.

» Posted By teachthegirl On 09.11.2015 @ 5:44 pm


It’s time for a Serious Face.

Don’t smile, don’t smirk, don’t blink or nod
or sneeze, or burp or hiccup, cough;
and you’d better not divert your eyes
through fear of losing your Nobel Prize,

it’s systems go, you’re one hundred percent
ready for the limelight, you are heaven sent
with purpose, poise and justly cause
don’t ever laugh, it’s rude because
it’s serious business, in this modern of times
even within simple literary rhymes…

» Posted By teachthegirl On 09.09.2015 @ 2:31 pm


I will not give up

I will give my all;
if only to watch myself fly
when other’s would see me fall

on my honor,
I will achieve that which they have said I cannot
because I want to soar higher
than I ever believed possible

because belief in myself
is the only true test
of my soul.

» Posted By teachthegirl On 09.06.2015 @ 8:16 pm


It drips gold
warm and inviting
bathes me in kisses
touches my skin
with delicate droplets
of my own lifesources;

I’ll miss the summer
when the snow falls
and takes away
my very being.

» Posted By teachthegirl On 09.03.2015 @ 2:30 pm


Dark, gray skies with pale moonlight
that softened even the ugliest of faces
as the cackles leaped from smoky billows
and shadows paraded across the dusk;

she gave no heed to the passing raven
as he settled lightly upon her shoulder
and joined her laughter with his calls
giving rise to the smoke of the fire;

some day they’d understand her plight –
for now they’d have to accept her calls
to the other-world of which she cherished
from this earthly realm.

» Posted By teachthegirl On 09.02.2015 @ 2:38 pm


My head space, crowded
my thoughts divided
cant choose between the feelings provided;
either I rise up and face them
or I let them embrace me
and neither feels like an acceptable choice, honestly…

I’m tired, tripped up
stumbling on thoughts and words in run on sentences
where one thought would form, another would too
until there were so many lines to my thought process
that I could no longer connect the dots

I snapped
somewhere along the lines of needing resolve
and needing absolution
I lost the parts of me that were perfectly broken
perfectly okay pieces of me that I thought were shards in other peoples memories;
and I tossed them away, like fragments of someone else
when it was really all along…just me.

» Posted By teachthegirl On 08.14.2015 @ 2:25 pm


She decided it wasn’t worth her time
to be neat and proper – diving face first into each day
with scraped knees and tangled hair;
life was too short to play by the rules.

It was more than just learning how to tackle each new task
it was the opportunity to learn more from the learning itself.

» Posted By teachthegirl On 06.21.2015 @ 8:04 pm


Just go, just go
don’t think, just move
the forces beyond your imagination
are at work for a grander plan
than you’ve ever been able to conceive.

Don’t fret, don’t worry
just move along
day by day, week by week
inch by inch we find that which drives us
and allow it to continue to move us
in the direction of our dreams.

» Posted By teachthegirl On 04.10.2015 @ 2:36 pm


She took away the grasses, replaced them with the brush
brambles, weeds and thorns grew from just a single touch
and although her heart was withered, there grew a single flower
not elegant or beautiful, but with tremendous power;
for that bloom was a simple notion, a single thought set free
that once her garden was swallowed, it would also be a tree
and those two grew together and drank up all the sun,
for their wish was eternity with the other one.

(You are my tree. I’m trying to be your flower.
Give me a lifetime, I’ll grow beside you forever.)

» Posted By teachthegirl On 04.08.2015 @ 6:04 pm


It took every ouch of strength
every gasp of breath
from that kitchen floor
and to her last regret,

such a grand idea she had
to give in, not for fuel,
but for a saccharine desire
that played her for a fool.

For no expenses spared,
she cheated on her diet,
for which her stomach cried
but her mind would soon quiet

for once she fed the crave
it should shelter back within
to allow her to get on track
and in control again.

» Posted By teachthegirl On 03.08.2015 @ 5:54 pm


Logic has no place here
in a world with too many demons
mainly in the mind,
and yet our mental health and consequences
get sidelined in favor of prisons and campaigns
for if we’re healthy in body
we’re healthy in mind
that’s the logic of a society
that’s long since left science behind.

» Posted By teachthegirl On 03.02.2015 @ 2:47 pm


Dance, give it your all
for when you rise up in glory, they will subtly fall
fade away into the sunlight
bursts of light, aflame
maybe then you’ll earn your fame.

» Posted By teachthegirl On 02.28.2015 @ 1:37 pm


Silver, the moonlight in his hair
something about him intrigues her depths
as she plays timid and naive
but knows the words on the tip of her tongue
and the flutters in her heart
and the ache in her soul
cannot reach out to this angelic man
through fears of throwing away the present
for an uncertain future
with a man with an aura of orange and pink
and a language that speaks to the depths of her very being.

» Posted By teachthegirl On 02.04.2015 @ 5:35 pm


It was just out of reach, beyond the light, beyond the sounds
beyond everything she ever imagined
and yet somehow it was just within grasp
of shaky fingers and aching hearts
just waiting to be plucked off of echoing sunsets
orange and red with anticipations
of the lusts that would befall her before the morning light.

» Posted By teachthegirl On 02.02.2015 @ 6:56 pm


She had a one track mind full of superstition
little pieces of history scattered with some make believe and lies
things she’d told herself all throughout the years
which had some semblance of truth
but were mainly filled with hurt and angst
tempered with an edge of paranoia.

She took her time analyzing every miniscule detail
no agenda other than picking apart her entire past
and recreating every circumstance
over and over again
until she’d made a sweater of dreams borne from nightmares.

» Posted By teachthegirl On 01.29.2015 @ 3:14 pm


You wake me, I’m all greens and yellows
softening glows become violent beams
and those yellows shatter into brilliant whites
that shock my vision, break my dreams;

I give you a smile, like I know what I’m doing
when I’m not aware fully of what is going on
and you look at me, lovingly, awaiting my kisses
and roll over before too long.

» Posted By teachthegirl On 11.14.2014 @ 4:47 pm


She didn’t understand the need for more, until her goals were in sight.
Blowing through stop signs, jumping the hurdles,
creating new goal-posts from the husks of the ones before.

She was thirsty. Desperate.
Challenge deficient.
Nothing gave her more thrill, more joy,
than the next chase, the next ride, the next run.

» Posted By teachthegirl On 10.24.2014 @ 11:51 am


Strung, high as a kite, knotted and frayed and beyond repair
though lovingly held onto, scattered in blue winds
tail waving listlessly across the green.

Take me, skies, to wherever you please;
you are my muse and I am your earthbound paper bird.

» Posted By teachthegirl On 10.19.2014 @ 2:04 pm


She felt connected to the wind, yet chained to the earth
she had memories of where it all begins, yet shadows of her birth
the images were faded, like a photograph in the sun
perhaps that left her jaded, but she wasn’t the only one.

» Posted By teachthegirl On 10.17.2014 @ 12:11 pm


You fall sometimes, you falter at others
your knees may scuff or your hair fall out of place
but no matter what, you must pull yourself to your feet
and keep on the journey, whatever your pace.

» Posted By teachthegirl On 10.16.2014 @ 11:14 am


She walked on toes, pointed in slippers
her footsteps dainty as she made her way to the wall;
she’d stand there, tall and yet shadowy, hidden
taking it in while giving her all;
no one noticed her billowing ballgown
or the way her hair shimmered in the silver moonlight;
for she was merely there as a guest
not as a dancer or showgirl tonight.

» Posted By teachthegirl On 10.15.2014 @ 11:17 am


He lumbered along the beaten path
his grunts and groans could be heard for miles;
people avoided him, steering for grass,
eyes downcast, face devoid of smiles…

» Posted By teachthegirl On 10.14.2014 @ 11:18 am


Her lips were wide and ruby
her eyes were green and cold
her hands reached out in envy
at all she couldn’t hold.

» Posted By teachthegirl On 10.13.2014 @ 11:21 am


Tossed aside like paper, cast out like broken glass
she took one look behind her, and sadly breathed her last,
given all she gave up and taken all she had
she never deserved this exist, she’d never been that bad;
but this was how they saw her, like trash with no regard
if only they had saved her, she’d have been a brighter shard.

» Posted By teachthegirl On 10.08.2014 @ 12:13 pm


She looked at me with eyes of steel, burrowing through my soul with a pointed desperation. How could I say no to her when she begged me with her very essence? Taking her on my shoulders, I threw our weight away from the situation she can set aflame, putting myself in danger for her idiocies, but saving myself from my own regret.

» Posted By teachthegirl On 10.07.2014 @ 11:27 am


I’m sorry.

Words so often said, but seldom really felt. It’s easy to apologize for things but not so simple to make amends for that which was said or done. Yet we continue to act and continue to use these words to somehow negate those choices.

Choose to repeat our actions and then repeat our words.
Over and over.
Until our ‘I’m sorry’s’ are nothing more than an automated response.

» Posted By teachthegirl On 10.06.2014 @ 11:27 am


Don’t think, just wrap yourself up and forget you exist
like a snake enraptured by its own venom
I’ll gaze inwardly for a few moments, coil around my own thoughts
as I extinguish any thought that could have been useful
or beautiful or true
and just write for the sake of writing
like I owed it to the world to scrawl letters on a blank page.

» Posted By teachthegirl On 05.21.2014 @ 2:34 pm


I like to look through a lens
at my own world
distorted through my own means
my mind, fictional
my body, sadly, fact

the camera of my soul shutters too fast
to catch a glimpse of that which is truly me
instead just a blur
on a dusty print
perhaps a vague silhouette
of a ghostly me.

» Posted By teachthegirl On 02.05.2012 @ 11:17 am


This is a statement.

» Posted By teachthegirl On 03.10.2011 @ 1:05 pm

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