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Hayato sat alone at the bar, avoiding the rest of the party without seeming like he was avoiding them. It was a balancing act, keeping a mask of neutrality, the bastard son’s useless and weak facade while he say among sharks.

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Suspenseful – waiting for today’s writing prompt was, well, suspenseful because I have never used this site before and wondered how it works. I’m exploring for my 13 year old son. He’s very creative but not tapped into his ‘inner writer’. I on the other hand LOVE to write and don’t want to strangle him out.

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He pointed my direction. I flinched. Hoping he that he didn’t see me, I oh-so-carefully jumped out of the window, and hid behind a plant. Pretty stupid now that I think about it but desperate times called for desperate measures. Especially, with dealing sentient turtles and somewhat reasonably law-bidding behavior.

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teachers personal responsibility someone in charge
to whom am I accountable, finances stakeholderrs

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i love an olive salad. it is so tasty and not very sweet. Olives are very nutritious and have many varieties. can be bought from the store

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Support is very strong word that means a lot to a lot of people. Support means like wings to me. Just like wings support a bird to fly, your friends are your support.

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grandfather is a person who loves you unconditionally. His love is old, his love is grand. It’s everlasting. His love is special.
A grandfather is the one who will smile at you and push on forward when you have to give your valedictorian speech. He’ll hold your hand and help you across life.

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“With all the strength of a great typhoon~”
“SHUT UP!” she screamed from where she was weeding the garden.
“Goddammit! If you have time to become a Disney Princess you have time to help do your chores!”
He winced and got down from where he was singing on the fence. “Yes mother.”

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Sarah’s joyous occasions always came whenever her mother made apple pie, her favorite. Apple pie meant things like, grandmother’s visit or a new baby sibling…or the last time, the neighbor’s had just had their 50th anniversary.

This time, though, the atmosphere was different. She walked into the kitchen, her nose in the air, deeply inhaling the intoxicating scent of apple when she saw her mother’s face. Swollen from crying, she set down the apple pie and gave her a look. “Your father and I are getting a divorce.”

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Pairs of socks. I hear people complain about socks without a pair. Single socks. Mine are always in pairs because as soon as I get them washed, I pack them in a particular way so they always stay together. In pairs, just like they are supposed to be. I can share my way of wrapping socks in pairs.

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fire in the feats

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It means you are third place NOT good enough to be second OR first BUT third. Top three does not mean you are good it means you not the best.

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He felt his heart sweel with hope.
They did it! They found the key! Now they could escape.
But Veneziano stopped and looked back at Germany.
Something…was wrong but he couldn’t put his finger on what it was.

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Canada looked at his watch in frustration.
“Mine’s broken too.” He informed America and watched as America’s face twist in annoyance and frustration.
“Dude, seriously? What’s up with this place, even my compass is freaking out!”
Canada looked at the other nation in confusion. “Compass?” he trailed off, wondering if he heard correctly.
A blond head cocked to the side as if wondering why Canada was confused.

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Russia frowned as America barreled into him, knocking both nations over.
“Amerika, you are getting too fat.” he grunted as he pushed the younger nation off.
America ignored the jab about his weight, instead babbling about some monster or some other nonsense. Russia ignored the other man until he felt the air around him cool considerably.
“Amerkia-?” was all he got out before a grey Thing came out of now where.

~Full version can be found on my tumblr:

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Russia frowned as America barreled into him, knocking both nations over.
“Amerika, you are getting too fat.” he grunted as he pushed the younger nation off.
America ignored the jab about his weight, instead babbling about some monster or some other nonsense. Russia ignored the other man until he felt the air around him cool considerably.
“Amerkia-?” was all he got out before a grey Thing came out of now where.

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“It shows you know.” France mentioned casually.
England startled. “What shows?” he asked incredulous.
France gave him a flat look. “That you are hiding something, England”

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Japan looked around the corner curiously. Turkey and Greece were for once actually talking to one another instead of fighting like they usually do. Japan crept closer only to gasp in delight.
Greece and Turkey were both wearing cat ears, though Turkey was struggling to take them off while Greece was forcing him to keep it on.
Japan couldn’t resist. His curiosity sated, he huddled in the shadows camera in hand and finger ready to take as many adorable pictures as possible.

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The Thing was paitent. It had been waiting for sooo looong for something to do, something to eat that it was willing to wait a little more. It could sense the small things behind the door. He couldn’t enter- it was against the rules. But It could wait. Wait for them to come out, wait for them to show their frail little bodies with such thin, thin skin, so easy to rip. All It had to do was be patient.

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Russia looked at the bodies before him. They almost looked pretty, with all the blood covering them and dying theirskins. He could see them all presented him like a mock offering.
He didn’t want this.
He didn’t want them to die, noo matter how annoying they were.
He could see England, green eyes glassy and dull in between France and America.
America was quiet now, he almost expected the man to wake up and start demanding burgers. Of course it would be hard to eat with your stomach ripped out.
China and Japan were curled around eachother, both with their heads bashed in. Russia giggled when he realized he could see the grey of their brains. China wouldn’t like it. He would say that the colors clashed.
He looked over at France. The usually bright nations head was a dirty brown color, his pretty little neck slashed open and gaping.
Germany and Prussia were together on the other side of Japan, the Axis all together except for Italy. Germany’s arms were ripped off, while only half of Prussia remained, entrails spilled out from the torn remains of his stomach.
Italy had run off when they were ambushed. Those THINGS betrayed him. It was a trap. He managed to grab the babbling Italian and drag him away. The others managed to buy him time but eventually they all fell, one by one. Russia cam back just to see America fall, screaming obscenities just before a hand ripped through his gut.
Russia finally looked over to the last figure. The tan coat was splattered with red, red red. red as the liquid pouring out of pretty red lips. A stained white-? red-? bear curled into his chest as Canada laid dead next to his brother, blue eyes (or were they purple? Russia wondered. He never got to ask) mercifully closed.
A loud ringing started in his ears and Russia was surprised to realize that it was him, laughing. How silly, there was nothing to laugh about!
Russia stopped laughing adruptly and smiled darkly at the THINGS. He gribbed his pipe, a gift from Japan (who was dead, dead, dead) and pulled out his sword.
“Now which of you should I kill first, hmm~?”
One hour later Russia limped to the Annex. Trembling, he lifted the pen he stole from England (cold, cold, cold, green is not supposed to be cold) and wrote himself a quick message.
He sighed as he heard a tollring out. Italy found the clock then,
‘Good’ He closed his eyes and leaned back agaisnt the chair. He took one final breath as everything faded away.
‘To the me that lives in the future…Don’t trust THEM.’

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China looked up at the mansion curiously.
He was dragged here by an exuberant America and wanted to go home. The only reason he went was in case Japan also came by.

China looked at the mansion.
He only came here because the stupid American dragged him over, right when he was talking to Japan, too! He frowned and looked around the grounds. It was very desolate, it was really creepy!

China gave the mansion a cursory glance. The place was old and gross! The only reason he came here was to find Japan. He looked over his shoulder with a frown. Italy was fidgeting, clinging desperately to Germany.
China sigh. ‘How annoying, aru.’

China looked up at the mansion…

A small figure perched herself on the roof, hidden from people on the ground.
She let out a small giggle, her eyes glowing a deep red.
“Let’s see how you do this time! Then we can play again and again and again!”
A twisted smirk pulled her lips as they all entered the mansion.

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“Hurry up!”
Switzerland yelled at Austria, prompting the nobleman to grit his teeth. The water level was rising quickly, almost too fast to be natural.
He pushed himself once more and managed to clear the bridgejust as the supports gave way and it fell into the violently churning river.
“Now what? We are trapped!” He snapped, angry at himself, at the Swiss and more at the situation they were in.
“Hey! Is that you Austria!?” a feminine voice called. Austria squinted through wet glasses before plucking them off and wiping them with a pice of his inner shirt. Replacing them, he saw the much welcome sight of Hungary and Lichenstein, iron skillet waving and all.

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England looked over his shoulder at the horrified faces behind him.
What are you doing! France and I had this covered!” China said hysterically.
“Hmm-? But you all looked tired so I figured that if I made some scones it will help?” he said hesitantly, holding up a darkened lump.
“Yes, yes, that’s all good, but can you go help Japan? I think he needs your help more than we do.” France said as he ushered the smaller blond to the trap door.

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It had been so long since he had seen the sunrise.
Everytime he went back it was during the meeting. The earliest he managed to return was noon.
He wanted to see it.
He wanted to see the sunrise, after so much time spent in that god forsaken mansion, he wanted to see the sun, unfetted by the darkness that surrounded the mansion.
Just once.

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Japan looked around the room curiously. It seemed to be a small library, bookshelves lines the walls and surrounded a large table situated to the left of the room. He walked closer to the bookshelves hands itching to reach for the dusty tomes unaware of the eyes tracking his every move.

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today i will go to the library and take out a book on cooking. i will cook for dog, because he is a very picky eater and goes psycho when he isn’t fed properly. Unfortunately the library is closed today. wish me good luck as i brace my rabid dog, whom named cotton

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He usered his employees out the door before turning and locking it. He sighed, the puff of air forming a white mist and curling into the air. He could faintly hear the kids shout goodbyes as they headed back to their warm homes. Arthur gave them a brief wave before walking to his car, eager to get out of the winer chill.

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England looked at the Mochi and sighed.
“Honestly, you are starting to creep me out.” He complained to the small rice flour treat. The mochi just smiled and continued to jump over the paper, leaving ink splotches in it’s wake.
England’s brow twitched when he noticed what the mochi was drawing.
“Hey, quit drawing my eyebrows like that-They aren’t that big!”

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He spent the last of his change on the toilet.
Japan sighed as the panel opened up and seven rice ball and three beers came out. He picked up the food quickly and stowed them away.
‘Maybe America has some change he can spare, or maybe England.’ Japan mused as he headed back to the safe room.
‘Perhaps next time it will be someone else’s turn to get the supplies.’

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They couldn’t save themselves, could they? They couldn’t just leave and run away.
They had to reverse time. I’m grateful for England…but I also resent that he put me, put us through this.
Why couldn’t them just escape?

» Posted By Tanya On 11.08.2012 @ 11:39 am

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