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The socks were all wrong. None of them paired up, which was perplexing. Even the black ones all were slightly different from each other – a shade off, different ribbing, different lengths. She scratched her head and checked the basket again. Strange things seemed to be happening more often these days and she didn’t know whether to attribute it to her advancing age or to something more mysterious.

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No matter what I did, I couldn’t stop thinking about fries. Stupid, greasy, salty, delicious fries. I was going to go crazy if I didn’t get some soon. Unfortunately for me, I was still tied to a chair in the hallway with the burglar sitting on the steps nearby, his gun pointed lazily toward me as he shovelled another few hot slender sticks of potato goodness into his mouth. I salivated against the tape on mine and glared enviously.

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There was a glint in the rocks down on the beach that caught her eye, a deep crimson glimmer that stood out and alighted in her a sense of discovery. She rolled away the nearby stones to uncover a smooth-edged gem set into a tarnished silver bracelet and, stealing a glance back towards her companions on the hill, stealthily pocketed it before slipping off her shoes and walking along the shoreline.

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The sleeve of his jacket was caught on something and he couldn’t free his arm to work it out. In the overwhelming darkness he reached his other hand over to release it and was disturbed to run his fingers over something scaly, fleshy, and unmistakably alive.

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It was a great effort to keep composure when he had to listen to this drivel day in and day out, but he used every last ounce of strength in him to do it for her sake. It was the purest form of love for her, he thought. He had to stay strong for them both.

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A tidy space is a valued space. She knew this, and she clung to it. In these times, this was important information to remember. Clutter would be the death of them all.

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