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He was like that. – Inconspicuously, on a level most people didn’t understand. ..Even if they mistakenly thought they did! But that’s what kept him near the boy precisely, maybe.


a/n: sorry if this’ unsatisfying any way, my brain is on low-power regime…. again; *very*
do excuse me

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We’ve learned one thing today. – Someone has a word preference!

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People collected, someone was dangerously smiling at the centre of the view. That was it, it was coming. Strings, breaths and purple melancholy.

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And what about the dress!! It couldn’t have functioned as a disguise, oh dear. The- things you could glimpse… *That* was daring in many more than one sense.

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As he held it up, the cool and bright shine gave birth to a bloody glean, which slowly bled into space. … Now what?
Something worldchanging was in his palm, and he was the same as couple of minutes ago.

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He knew. He didn’t want others to know. – Reasonably did, at first.
But that proved to be a *waste* of information. Everything was much better like this. ..Although the truth, would be a reward of honour.

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There was no Grail. It was all just an empty chase, meant to be amusing. – Deaths and changed lives included. Chasing after half-real shadows. …Impossibly simplistic.

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He couldn’t let her in. Wasn’t entirely *convinced* of it, but vaguely felt a certainty, like it was a most basic thing for humanity, nurtured by people around him (except for one; one thing that didn’t fit)…

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Whenever it’s the time for a true entrance, the ‘finale’, or thinking “Aah, they must have realised by now!” he can feel a rush, of pure joy, and social pride.

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For how much he loved the truth, he was full of hiding. Hiding, acting, lying… He was always in a shadow, and could very well add one thing to it.

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He couldn’t reveal the kid beyond the flimsy costume, because that wasn’t him. – Pretend to be himself while (..pretending) not being himself to pretend to not be himself? Yes. He could easily do that often..!

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Stern look, stern measures, didn’t leave a bit of opening or warmth, didn’t give anybody chance or mercy.
He only stal- kept up on him these past few months and couldn’t help but wonder, if he did that before, when there wasn’t anything to compensate.

a/n: meh, I’m not happy with this; but you write what you write, a minute’s a minute, and summer summer… I swear thinking makes me sweat . . .

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How many years ago was it that he stopped keeping a count? It was natural to not bother. Although every single one hurt, he remembered almost all of it, at least since he started *working*, he didn’t count.

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The worth of all those prizes, those “measures” supposed to stop him, the numbers of ideas in his head, and audience coming to see it, at least to their little screens…

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It was not something he dwelled on, thought about. But he didn’t like copper coins. They too suggestively reminded him of death… Felt like old friends you’d really rather politely avoid. – And who always came back.

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