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Syndicate neon purple, electric green- Barbies of the night- we pedestaled their great plastic perfection as we twisted pur fingers through faux hair. Now I think of Kate, as opposite from barbie as any girl could be, she smells like this real earth and wilting roses and cottonwood buds- she looks at me, tells me to message her when my hair gets long enough , and I can join the Mega Bundle- 5 girls/girls/nanofems with hair long enough to braid together.

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The look in her eye, misty gray like the fog was full of teeth- she wanders down yellow linoleum floor of squares- the look in her eye, they call it, “disturbed”.
Funny, they’re the ones recoiling, as she sighs with a sharp coyish grin.

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Bond of blood and formation of bone- celestial marrow, same. Yet I’m tearing up the bibles baby, burning their pages with the fire I spit. I hope the names of the patriarchs get stuck between my decaying teeth, we’ll paint our streets with new stories, gold and crimson.

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The islands, facing one another, with rocks and waves and dark crustaceous waters between. My twin holds a dying bird in his hands.

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