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I think this word is very common to see in some books you might be reading at either a library, home, or your school. When you think of a word like this you think it might be that the person you are reading about is actually swinging stuff back and forth. but in reality they are doing something else that the person reading it does not know about until the end of the chapter.

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This one is interesting to me. I found a community of women on twitter who talk about how common it is for women to date men who are way beneath them. They mention that this stems from the inflated confidence of mediocre men who think they deserve women who are ostensibly out of their league.

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The dog barked at the bark on the dead tree.

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traditional is something done often like for example it is a traditional holiday.

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Ky was so upset his show heifer was not feeling well. Fair was also coming up this Saturday and e was afraid he could not go !

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ive never watched futurama but all my friends do, and i feel like i owe them a little from the party back in ’88. ive seen this fry guy in a lot of internet memes, and i love him.

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Dialo had always loved Chelan’s smile. It was almost as bright as the sun, it lit up the room in a similar fashion. It also had an aura of elegance, one that stayed true to form.

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Eddy panicked, it was not supposed to end like this! It was not supposed to end so soon, and so early.
“Calm down,” Jared yawned. “You can just make another bowl of cereal.”
Eddy sighed in defeat and picked up the broken shard of the bowl that was scattered on the floor by his feet. “But it was CAPTAIN CRUNCH DUDE!”
Jared rolled his eyes, “Drama queen.”

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three sons or three daughters. how could it wok out with an odd number. one will be happy. one will be sad. and the third will be left out. the third will be alone.

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lingering. something that’s bothering you but won’t go away. fog sticking around after the rain, clouding your sight, leaving you feeling lost. the memory of you hovers over me and I wonder if it will ever go away.

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Essential. Its water. its food. its love. its what you crave. its what you miss at 2 am when youre all alone

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She poured me my green tea and subtly smiled.
So broken.
I smiled back and took out the smudgy compact mirror I forgot my mom had given me before I left.
Holy shit.

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Her earing fell to the hard wood of her armoir as she saw the blood covered man behind her. He raised a dark blaid and swung, chopping her head clean off her neck.

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The night was hot and heavy unlike anything she had ever felt before. Sweat covered her trembling body as he drew that much closer to her. It was dark but she could still see the shape of his perfect body. Beautiful.

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The night was hot and everything seemed to drag in the sad way things do in this kind of heavy hear. Her heart beat fast as he came closer. Sweat dripped down her forehead. This was new. New to her.

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The structure of a home. The support of family. The basis for great ideas. The blueprint that outlines our minds.

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It was dusk when I met you. You were wearing all white to out run the black of night. I love you. I still do.

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ok so a couple years ago me and my family wentn to marrit sppedway and my brother and I enterd in this drawing to go around the track on a car. their was so many kids though I didn’t expect to get called. but I did I was kinda nervous but it was so fun! I wish I could do it again! I wont ever forget it!

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one time when me and my family were going to my brothers wrestling tournament we had to stop at my dads friends house to get his son. When we got there my dad said they would only be a minute. Then a half an hour went by and they had not got back in the car and I got so mad I revved the car.

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Her last sentiment was one of revenge. On her deathbed, she lay, panting and grasping the sheets with curled, claw-like fingers. Her eyes, glazed with longing and realization, glided over the six people in the room with her: her husband, her lover, her best friend, her mother, the nurse, and her son. With her dying breath, she murmured, “For poisoning me, Donny, you get nothing from me.” Her son lunged for her throat as her eyes closed.

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god damn it kaycee i told you to push the button!
this is all your fault!
now the pastries are frostbitten and the flowers are cold-blue-dead
the show must go on, but the show has no feasible way of continuing.
you now owe the state 4,000 dollars

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I looked around the crowded supermarket. It smelled of old ladies and sweet plumes. I did a light smile and tucked my hair behind me.
“Young lady” a seller said to me.
“Yes?” I responded back.
“Would you like to sample a piece of my delicious bread.” the old women replied.
She looked as if me saying yes would make me the happiest person alive.
“Of course.” I said back to the nice lady.

I reached for the good looking bread. As soon as the beautiful creation hit my tongue, all was black.

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I looked around the crowded supermarket. It smelled of old ladies and plsweet

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the sound echoed across the water and she ran for a seat on the ferry
the horn had just announced their departure
she clutched her bag, with nerves bundled and excited
and watched the water part beneath the boat
to where was she going?
no one knew, nor did it matter. for it was an adventure she was on

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I thought of what she was saying. How could I possibly deny it? Yet, I still defended my self.
“Well, I just don;t know anyone!” I screamed at her.
She glared at me. Her ice blue eyes shot into my heart like bullets into a deer.
“Get away from my boyfriend or else.”
With a flip of her hair she was gone.

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She called from the dock “i’ll miss you”
he climbed aboard the boat, last bags in hand
tears tickling her eyes
“i’ll miss you too” he whispered, barely audible
yet somehow she heard

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she walked through the silent halls
heels clicking and echoing off walls
portraits hung high
and paintings all low
men starring at them with intent in their eyes
trying to comprehend
understand why
she understands
what the galleries are saying

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she laid her head gently on the pillow. a hushed lullaby sounding through the room. the mobile creaked as wind came in through the open window. The laughter as the other children climbed into bed was muffled by the closed door. The mother kissed her baby goodnight, as another starry night began.

» Posted By Sydney On 09.28.2013 @ 7:09 pm

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