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The people were filed in separate rows and columns. There was a controller at the helm of each column. He had a small whip attached to his belt.

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The ship was burning. But surprisingly, there were no screams or screeches, not even a tiny yelp. It seemed that the women inside chose to be burned rather than suffer an injury to their honour.

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The knee guards were a must in ice hockey. They were a safeguard against injuries. But what if you caused an injury with it to someone?

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It was rare that dad ever wore the apron. He did all the chores, but somehow felt that wearing the apron would be beneath him.

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I don’t know why that was the first thought that came to my head. That she looked like a fish in that salmon-coloured dress. Here she was walking down the aisle and it was just minutes more that we would be taking our vows. And all I could think was that she looked like a piece of fish.

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The parking area didn’t look much unlike a shopping store, like all the cans packed together on a shelf.

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A eulogy demanded nice and sanitized things to be read out in front of a fake crowd. But he couldn’t stop it. Out came many abuses after trying to stay calm for long.

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Timing was everything. It wasn’t enough that I desired him, and he desired me. He was in a different city and I focused on my career.

Sometimes love is just not enough.

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He was a painter, a painter of lies. He painted masterpieces of lies with a flourish.Every item in his painting was concocted.

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It was always fish and chips. That was her favourite dish. I don’t know how the latina girl ever came to like the very British dish.
And it was fish and chips again, the day we met to break up.

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The retreat in Matha’s Vineyard didn’t go as planned for Lorelai and Luke at all. They ended up having a fight in front of all the creme de la creme of Hartford and Connecticut.

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The prison door was locked. But had a lock ever stopped me. I was used to surpassing them, breaking them or just breaking the bolt instead. This will undergo the same fate.

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The torchbearers of tomorrow are sitting on the couch, eating fries and coke.

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The jury’s out on whether the dish is worthy of the award or not.
Dozens of people scurried away, some sampling the dishes with their tiny plastic spoons.They seemed deep in thought and noted something away in their notepads. A few looked at the dishes from weird angles, one even crouched down and tried to see the base of a tall cake.
I guess we should let them be, since it was only one day where they could pretend to be important.

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Proper form. That was everything in the yoga class.

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His olive green pants were the biggest turn-on for her. Sometimes in the morning when she woke up, she’d see him wearing just that and his bare chiseled chest gleaning in sweat while he exercised.

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It’s amazing how simple and minuscule things like protein chains and fat chains make up our entire body. What if they had a conversation together?!

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The climate is on top of everything.

no, it actually isn’t. People have still stuck in their heads in sand.

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“I can bank on you, right.”
He just went on with the dishes.
“Right?” SHe raised an eyebrow.
He looked at her from the corner of his eye. “I sold the shares”.

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Essentially, yoga makes you graceful. In posture, all other activities. .And even in life, it teaches you to keep breathing despite everything.

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I pined for him, but silently inside. From the exterior not a soul would know.

I carried on with my daily routine, nothing seemed amiss. But somehow nothing felt alright.

Like a the end of a jigsaw puzzle jutting out.

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Her accent was not very evident. Just when she said ‘also’ . A slight tilt in the ‘a’. It indicated that she came from a tropical region, which her complexion defied. He felt that he now knew her better, a tiny little secret of her’s which only he knew, and which he would keep sealed in his heart.

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She carried a broad frame along with her. It did not have an intricate design carved onto it but a few curves chiselled here and there. She trudged it along and laid it down with a thud.
“Here you go”

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I like ants, very interesting. They carry on walking, as if they are hatching some evil plot in their minds bringing the downfall of humans.

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The hair, the shoes, the mustache, what could I say? Every single thing attracted me towards him. Ahhhh

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The fish we just caught would need just a bit of salt to eat. You got both of them in abundance from the sea. When I had been to the city last year I saw people using copious amounts of sauce and what not to flavor it; but it still tasted old.

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He counted the small cartons of cherries he used to transport to the valley every day. But no one came these days after the terrorist attacks turned even more ferocious.

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What did you miss again?
“No, no, it was a small thing, with a ratchet, must be here’, he said while scratching his head.
“Now we wait for an hour again, I tell you, we’ll be late for the ceremony.”

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The song was on eternal repeat.

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All the answers were on that plain looking sheet, in the corner of the room. And I sat here chewing my pencil. If only I could just grab a look at it. But how? Wait…..

» Posted By suriti On 08.11.2011 @ 10:33 pm

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