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She held her test papers, her eyes filled with worry.

will they scold me again? she asked herself.
bracing herself, she took a deep breath and opened the door.

“mum, I’m home.”

her mum turns around, and with eagle-like eyes she spots the test paper the little girl holds.

“give that to me.” she ordered.

with a glance, she saw the red mark of 82 on her paper.

the little girl started backing away as her mother came with the cane.

“I really tried my best! I really did!” she cried, yelping as the cane brought red marks to her skin.

“but it isn’t enough.” her mother replied.

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“stop using metaphors, Kel, you’re not using them right.”
Kel flipped open her notebook, in it had the list of metaphors that she had copied down in class. she frowned.
more like you’re not thinking right, she thought.

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he held her hand, as they danced, waltzing under the moonlight.
he held her hand, as they walked, chatting under the sun.
he held her hand, and he said, “lets walk this road together, forever.”

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under the sun, the cold ice melted, forming a puddle of warm water.
under the sun, her cold heart melted too, from a heart of ice, becoming a warm human heart.
under the sun, she smiled widely.
the ice queen had melted.

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estimate. it comes in many forms, whether in terms of math, or even character, but it isn’t accurate,because it is merely an estimate.

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he raised his voice, from a calm, commanding voice to yelling at the top of his lungs.
” JUST DO IT! ” He screamed at her, then hitting her.

She was whimpered, her body scarred with bruises and cuts, on her arms and legs, where the belt had hit.

I wish it could stop, I wish I could dissolve in air and disappear, she thought.

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She pushed her to the ground, and scoffed.
“Empathy? What makes you think I feel empathy? For someone like you?” She spat. With that she spun onn her heel and walked away. The other lay on the floor and watched, with tears welling up in her eyes.
I don’t feel empathy too, I feel sympathy for you, she thought.

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“What is someone who tends the garden?” John asked his mom.
“A gardener. What do you think someone who plants plants is?” His mum replied.
“A planter?” John answered.
such a naïve boy, his mom thought.

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Mary gestured to those colourful stencils on my table. I bought them just yesterday, and I was excited to use them.

“What are those?” She asked. I rolled my eyes. How can she not know what these were?

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We switched our pencils, Casey taking my purple pencil while I took her black mechanical pencil. Both of us grinned, sastified at our exchange.

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