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The black screen suddenly fills with clouds. Small icons appear out of thin air. An arrow points to one, moving along with me. Two touches of the mouse, and I’m there.

» Posted By stranger On 10.24.2017 @ 2:27 pm


It’s so hot.
Flannel stays abandoned in the closet, a reminder of better days.
It used to get cold here. It used to snow.
Now, snow is but a pleasant memory as the ocean levels grow higher and higher.
What are we going to do?

» Posted By stranger On 09.05.2017 @ 1:54 pm


life mode: on

function: get out of bed
function: function in society
function: speak when spoken to
function: act normal

-system error-

» Posted By stranger On 06.18.2017 @ 4:52 pm


i can’t help feeling like i’ve been cheated by cruel fate. all i can do is sit here and wait until things get better. fuck, people my age are usually so accomplished. what am i doing? just sitting here waiting, i guess.

» Posted By stranger On 03.21.2017 @ 5:27 pm


we had a bond
we shared secrets
we talked for hours
what happened to that?
i thought we’d withstand time
i thought we’d see old age
yet again, another person lost to me
i wasn’t made to have friends

» Posted By stranger On 03.12.2017 @ 10:37 am


well put me in the oven and call my stupid ass a turkey
roast me good
baste me
stuff me with random shit
serve me with golden brown dinner rolls

» Posted By stranger On 03.11.2017 @ 3:42 pm


atop a grassy hill
legs crossed, robe loose, smiling face
the river runs fast

» Posted By stranger On 03.09.2017 @ 5:11 pm


sometimes it feels like i dodged a bullet. i’m aware of my shitty mental health now and would like to do something about it. looking at how shitty my family is it seems i might break the cycle. i don’t know how yet, but i’m optimistic. i have some hope left, at least for the moment.

» Posted By stranger On 03.03.2017 @ 5:41 pm


did this yesterday
why is it repeating now
i just do not know

» Posted By stranger On 02.22.2017 @ 2:45 pm

it’s so loud i can feel the noise
there are people all around me
jumping up and down, screaming
i feel dizzy, but i paid for this

» Posted By stranger On 02.21.2017 @ 6:01 pm


check out these mad stunts *immediately falls off the skateboard and into the concrete pit, busting my face open. blood is everywhere and it’s generally really gross.* i deserve this lmao

» Posted By stranger On 01.29.2017 @ 11:32 am


i’ve never played team fortress 2 but all of the guys are hunky, even though they could rip my body in half but tbh i’d pay one of them to do that to me because that’d be really hot, i want the heavy to come into my room and shoot me, killing me instantly

» Posted By stranger On 01.14.2017 @ 3:24 pm


i’ve been working my whole life to upgrade. buy a house, get insurance, find peace. i thought i’d have that by now. adulthood is a downgrade from childhood.

» Posted By stranger On 01.13.2017 @ 11:15 am


i was born part quartz.
i never thought anything about it until recently. it was just normal for me.
but now i find myself wanting to be like the others.
they don’t have a planet to save. they don’t have to worry about… slow aging. or whatever.
they’re just normal.
can’t i just be normal?

» Posted By stranger On 01.09.2017 @ 2:31 pm


let’s go out for smoothies! wouldn’t that be nice? we could chat about life and stuff aND THEN I’D SMASH THE FUCKING SMOOTHIE IN YOUR FACE FOR IGNORING ME. SEE THIS IS WHY I DON’T HAVE FRIENDS.

» Posted By stranger On 12.30.2016 @ 3:04 pm


i shake in rage thinking about how fucked up it is that i’m still alive
how if i told them how i felt they’d just say “don’t be ridiculous, we love you”
would you love me if i told you i don’t believe in god?
would you love me if i told you i want to fuck girls?
fuck you.
you don’t love me. you love who you want me to be.

» Posted By stranger On 12.28.2016 @ 2:11 pm


others are happy
others are in love
others have money
others have homes
others are popular
others go places
others are healthy
others don’t cry
others are okay
me? i’m not.

» Posted By stranger On 12.25.2016 @ 5:20 pm


sometimes i feel like i could be like the little mermaid.
she gave up her voice just so she could be with the one she loved.
would i do that for you? maybe.
we could still talk about music and stuff.
who needs a voice when i’ve got you?

» Posted By stranger On 12.12.2016 @ 4:48 pm


Honestly? At this point, I’d make a deal with the devil. I see no reason not to. I don’t think he’d really be that bad of a guy. Just a little exchange… Wouldn’t hurt, right?

» Posted By stranger On 12.01.2016 @ 5:26 pm


sometimes i don’t know what to do, so i freeze. but that looks even worse, right? just standing there doing nothing instead of at least trying to save face looks weird. it’s a situation where i can’t win, i guess. if i freeze up, it’s awkward. if i try to save face, it’s awkward. fuck it!

» Posted By stranger On 11.27.2016 @ 4:40 pm


my fingers gently touch the keys
the tune is soft, barely louder than a whisper
i want it to be louder
but i don’t know what will happen if i apply any more pressure
i’m scared

» Posted By stranger On 11.25.2016 @ 6:15 pm



it’s all i’ve seen for the past 5 minutes. the anticipation is killing me. all i want is to talk to you, but technology won’t cooperate. i hate this. i hate that i have to do this. the waiting makes my hair stand on end.

» Posted By stranger On 11.20.2016 @ 4:35 pm


people always tell me that spiritual wealth is more important than physical wealth.
yeah, well, i’d like to be able to get an apartment. i’d like to be stable. i’d like to be independent. damn “spiritual wealth” can’t get me that. give me the greens bby

» Posted By stranger On 11.17.2016 @ 4:56 pm


is love really everlasting?
i see it fade away in so many people.
but sometimes i spot one couple in the corner of my eye…
one that stays together despite everything, and enjoys each moment.
love is much like a rare jewel, i think.

» Posted By stranger On 11.04.2016 @ 5:17 pm


i don’t know why everyone says that the proof is in the pudding
i looked in my pudding today and i didn’t see any proof there
where is it??? where is the proof

» Posted By stranger On 11.03.2016 @ 1:57 pm


i’ve always been left out. i guess i just never really resonated with any group of people. so when i do resonate with someone, i become incredibly attached to them. being included is something that i rarely feel, so i want to protect the ones that make me feel wanted.

» Posted By stranger On 10.22.2016 @ 5:25 pm


i’m a certified anxiety queen
pulling up to the house in my limousine
going to bed and crying
why has god abandoned us

» Posted By stranger On 10.21.2016 @ 4:59 pm


these steps are so hard to climb
but i can see the top from here.
it’s far up, but i can see it.
it’s there
so it’s reachable.
i wonder how long it will take me.
i guess i’ll just have to keep going.

» Posted By stranger On 10.19.2016 @ 5:48 pm


a spaceship in a sea of nothing but darkness
only small, shining dots in the distance lighting their path
they won’t stop for anything – they’re on a mission
in other words
i can’t look at this without thinking of star trek, dammit

» Posted By stranger On 10.08.2016 @ 5:08 pm



that’s a picture of me, smiling on the beach. 5 years old.


that’s a picture of me with a bunch of friends. 12 years old.


that’s a picture of me graduating. 17 years old.


that’s a picture of me being utterly lost and confused. 24 years old.

» Posted By stranger On 10.05.2016 @ 4:39 pm

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