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I plan one step ahead, you know, like a carpenter building a staircase. Jim looked at me with a confused smile, he didn’t know if I was being serious. Fortunately for Jim I was the most serious I’ve ever been. This competition was going to prove who was the best and I wanted to wipe that pompous grin off Chandler’s face.

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The man took a giant step up the stairs towards the monastery. Too eager, he thought to himself, knowing that his cover would be blown if he were to become emotional. The one who he sought after for years, the one that left him bloodied in an alleyway with broken bones that took months to heal. Has converted into a monk and isolated himself from the world, the nerve of him to hide, the man thought. Finally he makes it to the top and scans the area for his target, but everyone is wearing identical clothing and wears the same haircut. The man knows exactly what he looks like his face burned an image in his mind and as a result can’t even get good sleep.

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Olive. They taste very good, but I enjoy the green ones the most…

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I always think about the role I want to be in and the role I need to be in. Usually being in the supportive is necessary.

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Bank is a place where you put your money, but I aint got no money.

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She leaped into the air did a twirl and came down like a pile driver hitting the ground hard and slipped.. Whack. She saw the bright ceiling lights and just as soon as fell she was back on her feet… Whack, again. Ceiling lights again, but again back up.

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Shits broke, definitely. Armor’s cracked and split.

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The exchange student walks into the room. Everyone’s eyes staring, assessing his abilities, his style, his looks. He’s nervous, frightened, and sad. Nervous about what other think about him, frightened because he doesn’t want to make a mistake, and sad because of the friends he’s left.

A student stares across the room at the exchange student and is impressed at his cool style, his good looks, and his bolstering confidence. She gets nervous, frightened, and sad. Nervous because she wants him to like him, frightened because she doesn’t want to say anything dumb, and sad because she thinks she has no chance.

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We need to go back for them! How could you just leave them.

I had no choice. Time only moves forward, and they got left behind. it’s too late.

So what you’re saying is, it was either us or them.

Yeah, i made a choice, you can blame me later.

I blame you now.

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I walked into a bakery next to my apartment in college. They had some cookies, but it was nothing surprising. A glazed outside and sprinkles on top made it look like any ordinary cookie. I bought one, because why not, it was 9:34 in the morning and i was hungry. I took one bite.

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Locals……….. Always hate me when i visit there homeland. Whatever, I have a ray gun and they have sticks and stones.

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The steely knife… it doesn’t ask for approval, because it has no choice. It does what it was made to do and unlike people it doesn’t deny itself. Slow-mo… it cuts deep, and we see red drip slowly from the knife. I take my fork, dip it in sugar and eat the delicious tomato, because I like sugar with my tomatoes. What?

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I’m afraid. Thoughts of being rejected and turned away consume me for every decision I make. I feel safe within my bubble, my comfort zone. It’s a predictable place where I can do things the way I’ve always been doing them. The nightmare that is failure always presents itself in everyday activities, but I always manage to avoid such predicaments.

I’m happy, I’m sad, I’m lonely, and depressed. Will I die filled with regret? Die knowing that I’ve denied myself a myriad of happy life scenarios? No, I’d hate that, my life would be filled with empty lies and false accomplishments. I want to die knowing that this was the best I could do, and that I’ve never been happier. I want to try to be the best version of myself. I’ll try, I’ll fail, and I may be hated, but at least I did my best.

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I think back to the time when I use to go to church. Why did I go? Was it due to my insatiable desire to learn more about God? No, most likely I went for social benefits. Being involved in most organization gives you a sense of belonging and satisfaction. To be honest, I experienced God and Jesus, but that wasn’t my initial thought when I would think about Church. It was simply a byproduct of my selfish desire to socialize with my peers. We would gossip, enjoy the satisfaction of leaving others out, and discuss love prospect, but once we entered the chapel the curtain fell on those thoughts. We hid it so well and we were such pretenders. Praising an all-seeing, all-knowing being within chapel grounds and dismissing the teaching immediately after we left those sacred grounds. I was and still am an arrogant, ignorant, immature child, who doesn’t know anything about anything.

I don’t attend anymore, but hopefully I will.

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People all around, chatter fills the air like how fireworks fill the sky. With all these people and with all this noise, no one will notice. I stare intently at him, and he reciprocates but in a more gentle and poised manner. So inviting. He starts to walk towards me and all of a sudden I’m petrified, I avert my gaze, the floor is comforting. I look up and he’s standing in front, and I realize that I’m the only one he sees. His face inches closer to mine and he leans in. A kiss?


Chatter stops, heads turn.


Slander. Harmful words expunge from the mouths of others. A mother covers her innocent child’s eyes.

Hold. Even longer.

People are livid. They think of ways to cause us harm, making judgmental accusations about us.


Forced back into reality. Our eyes still lock with each others as we come apart. The chatter resumes and heads turn away. Normalcy is reestablished, and for now our fantasy on hold.

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A peaceful invitation…I guess.

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Jocelyn came home from a hard day at the office, as the captain of her team within a reputable company, such as JP Morgan, it’s only natural she’s exhausted. With all the chaos that ensued at the office today she’s relieved to come home to some peace and quiet.

She flips through a light novel she’s been reading on and off, but she can’t seem to get into it anymore than she did a month ago. Jocelyn’s ready to call it a night and goes down to the living room, she turns towards a small rectangular screen and taps in a number. “SECURITY NOW ACTIVE.” At ease, she heads towards her bedroom heeding the calls from her therapeutic mattress.

Jocelyn stops. She hears a feint tapping beneath her and moves slowly back into the living room. The curtains twist and turn as it’s now apparent that the front door has been breached. There’s a loud thump and her body’s frozen solid, breathing is near impossible, and thoughts are racing. The glass screen on her wall, that use to give her a sense of security, has now been partially shattered. The screen on the security console flickers a word as a last ditched effort of warning Jocelyn. “A-C-T.” Jocelyn pivots and runs…

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Luke gives him a stern look, and asks in a very serious tone.
“So, how is she?”

Jim matches Luke’s tone.
“She’s got a great personality.”

Luke is unimpressed. He gives a huge sigh and frowns.

Jim’s blows up.
“What?! Is that bad? She’s got an attractive personality, and any guy would jump into a pit of fire to be with her.”

Luke isn’t convinced. He’s always dated girls who’s looks were their best qualities.
“Sorry man, just not for me.”

“That’s fine by me.”
Jim pulls out his phone and dials a number.

“Hey Lis, are you free this weekend?”

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Perched and all-seeing, Matt was the model lifeguard: broad shoulders, chiseled abs, and a face to match. Everyone knew he was a national champion swimmer for his university, and everyone was at ease when Matt was on watch. Unfortunately, Matt was feeling uneasy that day, he had a pounding headache, and the blistering heat wasn’t helping. He decided to jump in the water for a few moments to cool himself off, as he slowly drifted out he became completely relaxed.

Eyes wide, Matt doesn’t recognize the area around him, he tries to stay calm and takes a look around, and out in the distance he sees the shore where he would stand watch. Matt’s body feels sluggish, he’s not his usual self, since he can’t plow through the water like normal. He decided to swim horizontally seeing how he was gaining no progress moving forward, but he was stagnant. The tides are too powerful and his body has become frail and weak. “Help…help me.” He starts to panic, his training goes out the window, and he’s in shock. He flails his arms to get the attention of anyone, but instead, he starts to sink deep into the murky water. His palms fade in front of him, his lungs scream for fresh air, but instead takes in the salty water that envelops him. He falls lifelessly, deeper into an abyss.

“1…2…3….4— HEY! HEY! HE’S AWAKE”

Matt’s eyes peel open slowly. He sees a number of blurry faces, and as his sight sharpens there’s only one face he recognizes. He quivers and looks up towards broad shoulders, chiseled abs, and a face to match.

“You had us worried there for a second ol’ timer, you shouldn’t go that far out.”

Matt nods and gives a weak smile, but his heart weeps uncontrollably.

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“So you’re saying there’s a chance?”

“Well, maybe there is, maybe there isn’t. It all depends on what you do from here on out. How seriously do you take yourself?”

“Unfortunately, not that seriously. I lack the courage and confidence to do what I must.”

“Then unfortunately, you don’t stand a chance against the world. You should never second guess yourself, never trip over things that are behind you, and keep moving forward.”


“If only you knew how bad regret felt, son.”

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In a city that was corrupt and filled with fear, one man, decided to face the whole city with different type of ideal. He was an ordinary man, unlike that new vigilante, he possessed an insatiable desire to get things done within the bounds of the law, no matter how corrupt they may be. His goal and dream was to inspire those around him to do good, so that they may stare into the darkness of criminals and hold their gaze.

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I don’t understand how people are able to do this so well. I would really enjoy

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Emma didn’t care who was in the way, she had an agenda. No force was strong enough to stop her, because she was hard-headed and stubborn at doing things her way. She did amazingly on the LSAT’s, got into a reputable law school, and upon graduating, was hired into a top firm.

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Aperture…Well, it’s on a camera and it has something to do with light entering the hole so you can snap a picture.

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The clock is winding down. “FIVE MORE MINUTES” the proctor yells. The sound of her gargoyle voice echos through the whole gymnasium. Question number 23, is beyond comprehension, since Jimmy decided to watch that House marathon on TV last night. His mind is unfocused, and he starts to think about what specific method Hugh Laurie used to diagnose that one patient. “PENCILS DOWN.” the proctors come around to collect the exam, but Jimmy is content. He realizes his mistake of not studying the night before, and tells himself he learned from his mistake. But his mind’s playing tricks, it’s a ruse to make him feel better about his failures, and you and I both know that the next time will be no different.

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It punctures flesh like butter; it’s unrelenting and won’t be stopped by sheer will alone, but in this instance, it’s not going against this particular man’s will. Everything becomes slow as the slide cocks backward and a bronze shell releases from it, creating a high pitched sound as it makes contact with the ground. The man falls, and so does his gun.

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I sat at the edge of the bridge watching as my reflection turned from sadness to disgust. At that time I couldn’t do anything and it pained me to remember it. Now, instead of anger and sadness, I have turned into a self-loathing being; no longer able to fight my weaknesses. Frightening thoughts pried their way into my head; “jump and rid your pain” it said. But Grant wasn’t far behind, he was ready at a moments notice. Ready to help me live with the causalities of war.

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Living in the same place for 17 years can have dramatic impact on the things around you. I look at a lot of my material possessions and I’m wrapped back in time to my experiences with them. It’s sad to think my memories of this place will fade after relocating, but from where they fade new memories will take their place.

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It wasn’t even a battle I could win, and I knew it from the bottom of my heart. I did it for the fans, my beloved fans; they were all rooting for me in their quiet little homes, but without a clue of the torment I was enduring. My creator was just in giving me such a glorious ending, and I am proud to have served to give you millions upon millions of believers. In the end, all that matters is that I have saved this world from the tyrannical, the evil, and the insane, Lord Voldemort.

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There is no word that haunts me more than this word. Because I know what to do, but I don’t do it. I read once, “to know and not to do, is not to know” well this quote definitely applies to my life.

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