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I’m always ill. Is it because I work too much? Life is too fast. Everything used to be so much slower. Old people aren’t slow, we’re just burning out.

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He’d never been violent to her before. She put her hand to her face and felt the warmth of it’s redness. She didn’t know what to do – this was not like him. She thought of phoning the police or her mum.

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The megaphone more than hurt his ears – it caused him agony. Gripping his shirt with both hands and growling he ripped it in half up the buttons. The man stopped speaking and put the megaphone down.

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“Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me,” Sue cried out, not meaning a single word of it. She said it because it was the thing one should say in such a situation, she thought. You must keep up your appearance.

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“There is an etiquette to these things. First you have to make him fully aware you are unobtainable. Then you have to let him know he has the slightest of chances if he will do whatever you ask of him.”

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“You have brought a plague upon us. Your filth and your sin make us wretch until we die. You have infected us all with your ideas – my daughter most of all.

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The straw bale broke their fall, but as John’s arm hit the ground the gun was sent spinning across the deck. Another wave hit washing it overboard. “The note, John, if you please”, Paul demanded at the other end of the pole.

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