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It stood in front of him. Huge. Impenatrable. Dangerous.

And yet he knew he needed to enter into it to find what he was looking for. He stepped forward, limping from his injury. The drawbridge lowered, and he entered.

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There were a lot of family owned buisnesses in Jack’s area. A farmer’s market was held all throughout the summer. There were lots of city activities and fun things in the park. The area was just a wonderful place to be.

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Tears made their tracks down his face as he watched with saddened reluctance. There was nothing the boy could do to fix this. Nothing to prevent it. And so, he cried.

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They all were scarred. The years had taken the toll on all of them. Perhaps it wasn’t physical, though in some cases it was, but the mental scars were even worse. Because they were even more painful.

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They were stuck together now. That’s what the oath did. Stuck them together. Forever. Constantly with each other, always there. Entwined with each other. Or maybe it wasn’t the oath. It was the love.

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The cast bugged him more than it should have. It rubbed annoyingly and got in the way. It seemed like a metaphor for his life. Stuck, unable to get rid of everything bad.

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There was no time to think. The air rushed through Jack’s hair, whipping dangerously around his face. His eyes watered, but he couldn’t close them. He had to make this, or Bunny would die. There was no way that could happen. Not on his watch. He gauged the distance and made the leap.

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