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The watchdog resumed its silent vigil. Leanne slowed her breathing down to where she could talk normally and said, “Okay, I think we’re at the Border. How do we get out of here?”

Chase rolled his eyes. “The border guard? Are you freaking nuts? We’ll sit in here till our eyes rot out of our head and consider ourselves lucky if they don’t torture us.”

“Don’t be crazy. Val has some control over the Border.”

“Some, yes. Enough to get two bountymen out of prison for assaulting a guard? Not even in your dreams.”

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He pulled the instrument out of his pouch in one smooth motion, flicked it into the air, and grinned when it landed neatly in his target.

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The huge crane tilted to the left, just about to fall into the chasm. Tracy ran forward to catch it, making it barely in time. Her tiny body was just enough to keep the massive bird from overbalancing and toppling over.

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“Do I have a calling?”
“Of course. Everyone has a calling.”
“I don’t think I do.”
“You do. You just have to find it.”
“What if I don’t want to find it?”
“Why wouldn’t you want to find it?”
“I think my calling involves killing small animals.”
Danny gave me a look that could scare small children.
“Don’t be stupid. Now let’s go kill this guy before the mission collapses.”

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Trees surrounded the open ground like giants watching from above. The two in the clearing watched each other, circling like angry pit bulls. Daggers glinted in the dappled sunlight, throwing random beams of light through the gaps in the trees. The two moved quickly together–the daggers came out and struck in a clash of metal. One man fell, the other kept standing.

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“Are you okay?” asked Johnny.

“No, I’m not okay, you idiot. The freaking moon fell on top of me.” Catherine threw the celestial giant off her chest with ease. She flipped herself upright and glared at the other god. “You didn’t have to throw that asteroid directly at it. The tides are probably going crazy down there.” She jerked a thumb towards earth.

“We were playing baseball. How was I supposed to know it would hit it straight on?”

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