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Regroup my thoughts about this stupid quiz

This is retarded!

Joe regrouped his cattle into the very small inclosure. Happy?!?!?!?

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hey, what are you watching, hyunwoo asks sluggishly. state propaganda, seunghyun replies brightly, smiling. hyunwoo recoils slightly at the empty expression on his lover’s face, and turns away to take another dose of the opium.

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It’s also more than that. It’s convincing yourself you aren’t hungry, and convincing yourself that you’re fine if you just drink water. It’s your mind feeding you on the thoughts of never being good enough for anyone. You’re full of negative thoughts… so you’re really just empty.

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Husband – something I do not have and do not want to have for a long time. I don’t understand how some women will give up their whole life for their husband. Maybe that makes me selfish, but I could never be someones property or could never put my life on hold for a man.

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everybody minds themselves
in their own worlds
until small-school college gossip
collides themselves
into ourselves
and we are separately
together in groups
of collective otherness,
minding themselves
in their private business

» Posted By sp On 11.08.2012 @ 5:03 pm


When I was just a little girl, my mother told me she was expecting. This was confusing to me as I didn’t know just what it was that she was expecting. As time went on and my little brother arrived, I thought that maybe I should have said I was expecting, too. I was expecting a new little one to love.

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“Your reputation,” he sneered. “Is tarnished.” He snorted.
“As if I give a fuck. Your reputation smells like a pig’s ass.” “It
was always so unbecoming, your way with words. Not that it matters.
No one will be hearing you speak for a very long time.” “I wouldn’t
count on that.”

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i think sometimes about that britney spears video, lucky.
and by think, i mean watch it. i never said i had great musical
tastes. i know i don’t. i know it’s pretty shitty. but still. you
ought to embrace your tastes, you know? it’s your one shot at being
genuine. it’s easy to say oh i like that song, or no i

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Fragrant aromatic leaves garnished the rice and flavoured the mouthfuls of wine he took as he surveyed the mountains in the evening sunlight.

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Corner is a small space at the joining of tow mediums. students in detention or with bad behavior are asked to sit in the corner. i have a vase at the corner of my table.

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sweaty. like the side of a kettle on a cold winter morning. condensation slides down the windows of my life. it’s like watching.. the world scroll past from a click of my mousebutton.

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Fun, colorful full of sorts of people, tall, large, small, cute, ugly and pretty. All together for one reason, to have a good time, to play games and win fun prizes. Can’t forget the great and fattening food served there. Yummy the waffle cakes, now I am hungry

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i was sitting in a chair once. It was quite fun. I had a wonderful time sitting in that chair. Keep going you say!? Fuck you! I’m here working my ass off making coffee for all of fucking red bluff, and you tell me keep going!? I want you to go be a reporter and get jacked in the junk bitch. I want a plane to fly by and hit you in the face.

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It was that flavour of the month. The sweet, sticky sense of desire and shame, rolled into one, stuck in the tongue.

Macadamia nut, she hesitated.

The ice-cream boy smiled and nodded. Girls usually take a longer time than boys to make a choice. It was not a question of life and death. It is only an ice-cream cone.

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