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She asks sweetly like the little tiny drops of pure sugar I’d snatch from the candy store counter. And I can taste the light patches of dewy caramel sunshine as they glow out in my smiling response.

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What is purity? She asks, looking up from the dark sludge of a river that they visit, the stench of rotting fish and perhaps some festering hope hogging what little clean air their lungs can hold.

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I can no longer get up anymore to go comfort the distant wails. My heart is heavy. How can one be loving to a fear?

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I see a blurry image ahead of me but I cannot tell if it is human or not. When I come closer it shimmers brightly and I still cannot tell. A step closer. More shimmering. More glittering. But when I am close to touching it, it shatters like glass into the wind.

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I remember waking up in a golden splash like the mistake-masterpiece of a painter who spills paint upon the canvas. Warmth cascaded through billowing white drapes as we smiled in sleepy content among the tousled sheets.

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She plays me like the shining white keys upon which her silvery tones roar with unexpected tenderness. Staccato black accents ring out in shrill, ringing beats, and I am left upon the doorstep yet again, the pedal holding her last notes in an ominous moan.

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I despise the looks you give me when I walk down the stuffy halls of this constricted place. They are a predators’ looks. I am not your prey. I will not be your prey in this God-forsaken place with its red light halls and blood-rusted doors.

» Posted By soyblobs On 09.22.2013 @ 9:18 pm

She tells me life is hell and that there is no escape from the fiery pits that lick at our rotten souls. I cannot reply because she speaks of me and nobody else. The words bite into my skin, pick away at the little open wounds with the precision of a learned rat scrambling about dark alleyways that see no light- have no mercy for the light. I want to scream for her forgiveness. To stop the cold black eyes that look at me with their piercing death.

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