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every single chord yoochun plays on the piano, jaejoong feels like it’s striking through his heart.

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Yoochun would say, no, we’re both men, but he would kiss Jaejoong on the lips like nothing in the world mattered.
Jaejoong’s addicted. Drowning. He’s afraid, but he can’t break out of the poisonous circle. He goes in again, for Yoochun’s denial., and his touch.

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there was a cliff in front of them, and a world without hope behind them. changmin doesn’t know what to do. yunho-hyung grabs his hand. they leap. (there’s a landing on the other side, it was just obstructed by clouds. )

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the shapes and sizes of the things around him disgust him. ugly shapes with harsh edges. ugly expressions on people’s faces. he wants to leave so badly, but he can’t. maybe he can. he breaks out of the window.

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