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I heard them mentioning the name ‘Jared.’ I turned around and asked ‘Why? What’s wrong with him?’ The nurses turned to me, face ashen-white and mumbled, ‘I’m sorry, you are?’ I’m his mother, I left him to get a cup of coffee in the cafeteria.’

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he showed interest. i sensed this by the way he looked me up and down and lingered on my lips. which tingled. aware that it was being admired. then slowly his interest moved to my eyes i gazed back, invitation clear as day

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I saw wooden steps as I entered the dark forest. I couldn’t see the top of it so did not know where it led. I was afraid and excited, all at the same time. Around me, I could hear birds chirping.

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feelings are abstract. cannot be quantified. cannot be clarified. cannot be justified. when you ask me why i love him. all i know to say is ‘because’.

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his head was couched by her bosom. Oh, what a delightful place to be, he thought. She thought, his stubble is scratching me and pushed him off her bounteous bounty. He lifted his head, looked longingly at the soft pillows on her chest that he was just cuddling a moment ago, got up and left.

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a fear that i have is the fear of NOT taking chances. i live constantly with `what-ifs’ especially when i see a chance being presented to me and the possibility is there that i may not take it. so that becomes another fear – the fear of `what-ifs’.

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we were at the stop lights. in the car in front of me was a boy and a girl. i could see them facing one another talking, laughing. he lifted his left hand and caressed her cheek. she leaned forward and kissed him. they kissed until the lights turned green. there was a honk from behind me. the couple jumped apart and turned to look towards my car. they laughed and drove on. i cried and followed.

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muse…obviously not all of us have one. or maybe we need to steal muses away from the ones they were sent to or are attached with if we seek to be creative and are not. i’m going to go hunt me a muse.

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violet was the name of her stuffed rabbit that she’d had since she was 3 years old. She’s 34 now. It was the oldest of all the stuff she owned. Violet has traveled in duffel bags and suitcases to Japan and Canada. Violet has sat on the bookshelf; bookended by fiction and has fallen under the wardrobe keeping company with dust bunnies. Now, Violet lay beside the pillow cuddling books.

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i think of someone with a big mouth. with a big voice. sue from glee. a megaphone almost-perpetually beside her ready to mega-shout instructions or rude comments or snide remarks. Very effective with a megaphone in hand. ouch.

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secretly, i hate cigarettes. but i’m surrounded by them. then again, more often than not, we’re surrounded by the things we hate. but i also hate cigarettes because this thing that i hate kills the people that i love. hate it.

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the most i ever bowed in my entire life was when i took japanese lessons. we bowed as we entered. then again when the teacher entered. and again when we broke for tea. and one more time when we came back from tea and finally the last bow was when we left the class. all during a 2-hour session.

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most people don’t have them. people yawn without covering their mouths. they sneeze and the snot hits you. they go through a swing glass door and let it swing back hitting you in the forehead and not forgetting – they talk with their mouths full so that you can see what they ordered for lunch.

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i’ve seen people ordering plain water, and then asking for a straw to drink it with. i always wonder – why do they do that? it’s just water! are they so afraid to press their lips against a glass/ cup which others have pressed their lips to? Germ-phobic.

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i’m often mistaken as a meanie. i think it’s the thin line that my lips make when i’m at rest. my eyes (at rest) also looks like it’s squinting but they’re just small tiny slits.

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melissa is expecting. she’s the – i don’t know how many, i’ve lost count – friend who is expecting. i’m happy. i’m sad. contrary to popular belief, having dual feeling competing for supremacy is tough.

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the stems had thorns. naturally. they were roses after all. but the damage was done – i had cuts. and they were deep.

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it’s a given that i’d write eventually. I’ve been writing since i was 8. No, 7. But along the way, I’ve diverted and digressed. But now I’m back. it was foregone, my path mapped out. A given.

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i love trains. stations make me think of them. i particularly remember being in a station (underground) in Toronto for 3 hours waiting for a friend. Being underground in a station. I people-watched. It was fun. I stood in a not-so-dark corner and watched, and laughed, and giggled, and grinned. And maybe sometimes judged.

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