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Her hands concealed her face from the world. She hid from everything. All the words, all the whispers and voices, every stare and glare she shied away from it all. It was for the best, but it hurt her nonetheless. No matter how much she kept herself hidden from everyone, she could still hear them. Hiding didn’t mean she wasn’t listening.

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When I think of hearts I think of love and how everyone’s definition of it is very different. Some people find love to be the something someone should find at first sight. Some think that we have another half out there waiting and searching for us. Others think we all have a prince charming and some think we have shot the idea of love to fantasy levels.

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Why go right when you can go left? Left is always left out, ahahaha no pun intended. Most people are right handed, barely left handed and everyone’s sad when they get left behind or when someone left them.

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The downpour of the rain made it barely visible to see. I stared out the window wondering what he was thinking about right now. I was worried beyond belief and I couldn’t stand the thought of him hurt or in pain. I didn’t like it. Shaking my head at the thoughts I hurried down the staircase to go to the kitchen to put my mind to peace. Hopefully baking would distract me enough from the accident.

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When you awake, and see what you could have been, could have done I will be waiting for you. I hope you have time to fix what was wrong and see what could have been.

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