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click. click. click.
the egotistical queen bees of the school marched with an air of confidence through the hall as their 9 inch heels continued to taunt the by passers with their annoying clicking, continuing down their path they flicked their styled hair arrogantly twirling a few strands between their carefully polished fingers and cast scorning glances to any girls within a ten foot radius, their eyes continued to seize up their enemies, openly scowling and threatening to sting.
Wearily I sucked in a long breath and made my way to the hive.

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I raise my chin up in confidence as I take my first step, my long brown curls bounce in glee as I make my way towards the center, I square my shoulders as I move with dignity towards my aim, and I ignore all the obstacles blocking my way.
With sure footage I make it to the end of the runway and as I swirl around swiftly, I feel my success.

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