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She didn’t agree with him one bit, but the thing that really jarred was his always beginning it every time. Every time. Why couldn’t he just let things lie for once?

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Through the failing light, they could see mist closing in on the lake.

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The petri dishes had been autoclaved, but, even now, special precautions had to be taken to minimise cross infection.

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The alarm clock rattled him out of his sleep. After some time, he tried to lever his limbs over the edge of the bed so that he could swivel into sitting upright. He found that he was stuck in this position, almost asleep once again, five minutes later. Why was it was proving so difficult to get going?

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He stood still and seemed to be taking in the view. He stayed transfixed, too long for me to believe that he was looking at anything particular. What was he doing?

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From out of the trenches he went, his comrades either side a comfort, the rum now cold inside, and the whistles’ shrillness from deep behind reaching up as they ran over the broken wires.

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He should have had a double, in fact he really had needed it. He swilled the remains of the straw coloured spirit around in his tumbler. The ice cubes still clinked.

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The offer was a clear sign. Jack had never considered working for the secret service, but, put on the spot, he found that he was less keen than he might have been.

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As gnarled as an olive branch, and as wily as he was wiry too.

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Ever since the traumas of his childhood, he had found it difficult to express his anger, anger sparked by any number of triggers. His typical response was to ‘swallow’ difficult emotions. So they would lie dormant, festering just below the surface.

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His feelings on the matter, he kept to himself. Well kept secrets were a second nature, best left buried, circumvented, as if they had never existed.

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She was a stickler for good behaviour with an especial emphasis on meticulous manners that her class contravened at their peril.

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He set the timer having checked the fuse.

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The feeling was mutual. Their experiences had brought them closer, each giving to the other in equal measure.

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The concept was one of deceptive simplicity. Nevertheless, it would saturate the major part of the market for at least five years.

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He was as wild as the prevailing wind, matted hair flung back, uttering oaths, flailing his limbs about – a sight not to be forgotten.

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He had just the one chance, he reckoned, to escape across the lake to Switzerland. The full moon was not going to help. He would have rather crossed in absolute darkness, but he was running short of time. There could be no turning back.

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The group around the table had dwindled down to just the three of them. Each remained impassive, with an apparent unawareness of one another, as their cards were distributed by swift flicks of the young woman’s wrist.

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The tank reared up the bank of the crater, lurched through the barbed wire and ploughed on despite the mud.

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The sum that they had demanded was not a large amount, indeed it was quite a lot less than had been expected. What this signified was anybody’s guess.

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it was not in her make up to blow her own trumpet; if she had done so, she would have felt like a fraud.

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He had been labelled as being as hard to get going as an angry mule. It was both a curse and a complement and had been on many a mind during the current dispute.

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She could not eradicate the vision. The whole thing kept playing in a constant loop, over and over again. How long would it take for this harm to cease?

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How many times would he lose out to the same type of adversary? Would he never learn, would he ever do better?

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His humour did him no favours, all the puns of a six year old. Perhaps he had not matured beyond that age of his development.

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Edward Lear perfected the genre of verse that made no sense.

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The small canine chased after the toy mouse time and time again. it seemed an endless game, both worthy of his attention and wholly fulfilling.

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He blew his nose, a sonorous blast. He pulled up his collar and tucked his scarf tighter around his neck.

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The more he threw penguins out of his tent, the more there seemed to be inside. He had no idea why. Had he taken the time to look, he would have realised that those thrown out soon found their way round to the back of the tent where it could be entered via a tear in the fabric.

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The appeal judges entered the courtroom from a door behind the dias and everyone, including the accused, stood up until the judges had settled themselves

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