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desolation filled her memory of the loss she felt….
unsaid feelings voiced with and an unmeasurable sense of belonging lost.

» Posted By skylarkin On 05.29.2014 @ 7:00 am


Her dreams floated to the surface with memories of a crystal necklace sparkling upon her neck

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Shells were strung between the small bare trees lining the riverbank. The island was littered
with clam and oyster shells,…. feasts by the settlers of long ago.

» Posted By skylarkin On 08.28.2013 @ 11:10 am


Her moment gazing far above the infinity of the red rock landscape felt dreamlike.

» Posted By skylarkin On 08.18.2013 @ 1:28 pm


She hid behind the old Mennonite silo on the edge of the forest. The white beacon of
plenty meant folks lived nearby,…..she missed folks but feared their intrusion in her secret

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They called her a savage. She lived outdoors and was comfortable with the birds, wind,
and silence for companions.

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A national sense of pride warmed her soul as she shared the love of friends circling the glow of the campfire.

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The word, dogmatic, described the essence she felt when her brother was in his mood of ranting intolerance.

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The narrative detailing her escape was forever imprinted on her mind.

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A rich dark brown bed of leaves provided the soft footage that her ravaged feet needed , and there was so much more to go.

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The deft way she turned her calamity into opportunity was a shining moment.
On the road free from the small minded routine of her mountain life,…feeling larger,
creative, and reflective.

» Posted By skylarkin On 07.13.2013 @ 1:15 pm


The word “homeless” didn’t mean the same anymore. She felt at home in the forest of her
new comrades…a kind, and conscious circle of dedicated preservers of the blue flame creed.

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The circle of women around the fire was joined by the brotherhood of the blue fame beasts…
beasts that soared above the young heads of the blue flame girl initiates.

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Her initiation into the blue flame sisterhood was a joyous celebration surrounded by century
old growth in the deep of the Boreal forest.

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The warm white rock felt good under her strong brown feet. Above her the soaring red tail hawk screeched as he dove to a running rabbit in the pale sage brush. The green valley below shimmered with the early morning hay irrigation….these images took her away from the travels of her simmering heart.

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Her loneliness spilled from her eyes and sorrow fell from her lips in quivering soft sighs

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The clout on his forehead as he reached through the rock gap knocked him backwards onto the mossy forest floor.

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A low guttural growl came from the dark corner. Suddenly she was casting about for an object to protect herself and felt a mossy stone the size of her small fist to hurl in it’s direction.

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The rock passage was tight, but she had to chance squeezing through it. The flaming beast’s hot breath was starting to scorch the tall grass behind her as she shimmied to safety.

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“Taboo” was a strong word for the act she was about to commit….the spells that she mouthed
silently were ancient incantations meant to bring the forest spirits to her side. Powerful, gradual, and true.

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The blue fire and crimson sparks swirled above her crown in a celestial glow

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She gazed over the lush island valley and ensued to change the direction of her young life….firstly, learn spanish to explore her true island girl heart

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The silver leaf clasp at her throat was tarnished , barely visible above her breast….yet it bore the ancient insignia of the forgotten clan…the clan of the mountain tree dwellers.

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She felt the entire forest shudder as the lightning surged to electrocute them all….only the
granite boulders could stop the August firestorm.

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Her constant companion , her bow, earned her the nickname….”bowling”

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A cobalt fire flickered above her ears with a shimmering halo of magenta flame spark.

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The blue lit creature appeared through the trees as a halo of flame twelve feet tall

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Her leverage was a pact she created with her grieving widowed father … he would stop drinking himself to death & she would love him with unconditional mercy.

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She attracted good wherever she went , because their was good in her heart. It didn’t matter
what she said or did as long as she remembered to bless everything with care & compassion.

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The branch caught her russet hair as she lowered herself to the mossy bank, ….their voices
carried downriver and she couldn’t afford to let them catch her.

Inspired by “The Hunger Games”

» Posted By skylarkin On 04.12.2013 @ 12:28 pm

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