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You’re not good enough. Smart enough. Strong enough. Clever enough. After years of whispering in her ears, fear had finally taken over. And all that whispered nonsense became her.

» Posted By sitara On 03.03.2014 @ 12:35 am


You must strive for perfection. That was always his father’s motto. So why then was he, his father’s finest creation, so imperfect?

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Come here, darling. No one’s going to harm you. I won’t let them. You know I won’t. You’re all mine.

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“He’s such a trooper”, they exclaimed. Sure, he thought to himself, if you knew what it’s like to be stuck with the bunch of you, you’ll all be dragging your dead limbs closer to the door too.

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They zoomed by, left to right to left and on and on. She watched as her children made her prison the most fun thing around.

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I love you, he wrote on the sand.
A wave washed it away.
He rewrote it.
And she sighed happily.

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They stood there, proud and tall, in the face of sure destruction. Like pines against a storm.

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No one yelled out ‘all aboard’.
There was no warning.
Now, everyone was responsible.

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Everyone walked past her, never noticing the clenched fists and set jaw. To them, she would always be that timid girl in the corner who never spoke too much.

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I want to go where no one’s been before. I want to stay there, with you. But if you’re there i won’t be alone. And i want to go where no one’s been.

» Posted By sitara On 08.18.2013 @ 9:37 pm


There they were. Standing shoulder to shoulder. Like they always have. Because that’s who they are. And that’s who they were meant to be.

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One strip after the other. He peeled away all her defences, slowly, carefully. And she never knew until it was too late.

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Let’s delve into your past. What do you feel when you think about your childhood?

I am still in my childhood, man. What are you talking about?

» Posted By sitara On 08.04.2013 @ 11:40 pm


Crunchy, spicy and oh so colourful. That’s how she liked them done. Just like what humans call peppers.

» Posted By sitara On 08.02.2013 @ 8:34 am


Don’t think. Just stare. I’m out of words. I am not captivated. Just blank.

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She stared at the wall. No it wasn’t the wall, exactly. It was a spot just in front of the wall. Where the love of her life had stood just a few seconds ago, before he said goodbye and disappeared into vapour.

» Posted By sitara On 07.29.2013 @ 9:42 pm


There was silence as everyone stared at the sky. They watched it fall. And from the ground it arose, like a huge orange flower had just bloomed.

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What’s down there Daddy?
People, child.
What’s people? They just look like dots.
Well, they are.

» Posted By sitara On 07.26.2013 @ 2:52 am


They were always together. At home, at work, in the car, at the store, in their heads. Enough is enough. Someone had to pry them apart.

» Posted By sitara On 07.24.2013 @ 11:13 pm


There she was. Staring at the huge feet before her. Bend lower and kiss it, like everyone else? Does god really care? Is he standing there watching? So she left.

» Posted By sitara On 07.23.2013 @ 10:53 pm


The darkness was unlike any other. Darker than black. It truly was the absence of light. And just when he got his fear under control, the air around him thundered like the sound of a million horses charging.

» Posted By sitara On 11.25.2011 @ 5:58 am


The funniest sounds humans produce. We’re the only species that can and we don’t laugh enough.

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He was on his knees. His hand over hers. Everyone was watching them. Congratulations, one passerby called out. She looked up and smiled at him. Then she slowly pulled her hand away and said goodbye.

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Absolutely positively happy. That’s it. That’s all that matters. That what I want to be when I grow up.

» Posted By sitara On 11.11.2011 @ 1:47 am


It’s surprising how nature’s most powerful force, the oceans can make a person feel so calm. Stillness of mind, if i may say so.

» Posted By sitara On 10.28.2011 @ 3:52 am


i made a splotch on my notebook. he kind of looked like my grandmom’s cat. with its right foreleg shorter than the rest.

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will you remember me? all the times we spent together. all those evenings in the park, the sunday mornings at the club.

» Posted By sitara On 05.30.2011 @ 10:20 pm


It’s been a while since i’ve gone to a canteen. College seems like a distant memory. I can’t remember the hours spent there, eating and discussing the bizzre, the mundane and just plain stupid.

» Posted By sitara On 05.27.2011 @ 2:25 am

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