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The walls were tastelessly bland, very beige and boring. The entire place left a slightly bitter taste on his tongue. It was sickening, what they did here.

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I stepped up to the front of the line.
“Now it’s your turn to contribute,” they told me, as if I’d never added anything to their society. Then I walked through the door, into the darkness.

I left that place dazed and confused, short one arm and one leg.

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She lay on her back, humbly offering herself to him in every way. Her clothing lay on the floor, discarded. Every scar was on display, and her every thought showed on her face, waiting to be taken. The knife was in his hand, and her throat was bared. She was giving herself up… for me. Not to me, to be clear, but for me. All of this she sacrificed for me. He was a monster, he planned horrifying things, but thanks to her, these plans were not for me. She was giving herself for me. My life was no longer for me to squander. I ran.

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I sat on the couch surrounded by him, basking in his warmth. His arms wrapped around me, my face burrowed into his shoulder, a blanket rested over us. The TV was on but I’d forgotten what we were watching, content in this cocoon of safety.

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a chill in the air
snowflakes melt on eyelashes
breath comes out in a huff
clouding in the air
coarse-knit mittens barely keeping fingers warm
hold my hands so i don’t freeze

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snow shivers to earth
catch some flakes on your tongue
wintertime spreads here

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We had this conversation every day. Every day it was exactly the same. Stale as the bread in the back of the cupboard. Every day, she draped herself on other boys like a mink stole that can’t decide whether or not it’s real.

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He yells, chewing me out for God knows what. The fever in his eyes is clear, taking over his body and mind, wrapping its tendrils around him and crushing him. I take his hands and plead, imploring him to look beyond the fever. He is stronger than it, I know it. Go beyond it, I tell him. Be strong. But when he wrenches his hands out of mine and grips my shoulders and shakes, I know it is too late. He would never do this to me. He is gone. The boy I love is gone, replaced by this Godawful fever. I let myself go limp in his furious grip. Without him, I have no reason to fight the fever anymore. I succumb to its tight grip, a relief after holding my own for so long. Before long, there is no more me. There is no more him. We are both dead in living bodies, stolen by this cursed fever, until no more than an hour later, when our bodies crumple to the ground, leaking blood. The fever takes two more victims.

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Salty breeze twists past me, uselessly attempting to tangle my cropped hair. I stand at the stern, facing east. My beautiful ship ticks like clockwork behind me. I stand up, nearly stepping on the figurehead. The horizon, so far away, yet tantalizingly near, calls me. I crow, throwing my head back. This is freedom.

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i am caged here
within myself
hiding in the rules and restrictions of being me
only allowing myself to grow withing a specific mold
far too afraid to even consider
breaking free
allowing the mold to fall away
showing who i am
who i can be
my image

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my progress is hindered by the immovable object before me
oh, how i want to be an unstoppable force
trapped here, i push any way i can
to move the immovable
and finally see the

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beyond the horizon
everyone’s goal
forever we move
crawl, if we must
to get there
but what is truly there?
as i feel myself nearing the end
i slow down
wanting to linger in the familiarity
and comfort
of reaching
and searching
to eternity

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I glance to my left. The imitation frosted-glass divider remains between us. I can just see his figure there, slouching at his desk. I know my posture is similar. Staring at a computer screen all day is a dull job, and it’s made more so with these new dividers. Gone are the days of easily chatting and maybe even flirting; gone are the days when I actually enjoyed this place.

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I sat up straighter in the gondola. The man– boy, really, couldn’t have been much older than seventeen– poling the boat flexed his arms, the lights surrounding us glimmering on the water and his smooth, tan arms.

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