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I just wish we didn’t have to leave such a scene. Which was all on my part. But if you wanted me… Why’d you have to go change your mind. We were almost perfect because I respected your game time. And when you were gone I had plenty of game time. It was the perfect scene.

» Posted By simmz On 10.05.2012 @ 7:01 pm


I’m afraid of losing the one I love. I’m afraid I already lost him before I had him. I didn’t think it was possible ti love someone in such a short amount if time. Specially if he can’t love you back cause he loves someone else.
I’m afraid because I do love him. And love as it turns out…. Hurts

» Posted By simmz On 09.23.2012 @ 4:19 pm


How about s trial period. I mean if we can’t work it out like this then maybe we need to seperate. Maybe we can fix it.
no. There’s no going back. I can’t. We are just gonna have to call it quits.

» Posted By simmz On 09.22.2012 @ 8:01 am


the beginning of the ending.
begins with a “hi how are you”
ends with “why are we doing this still”
how long can we keep this up.
goodbye my love
forever and always
blame it on the rain…
always begins the tears

» Posted By simmz On 09.20.2012 @ 10:48 pm


Despite everything thats happened i still love him. And care for him wish that he woud jus relize that im here for him. I could be the one if hed just give her up.

» Posted By Simmz On 09.18.2012 @ 8:03 pm


He towers over me. But that doesnt stop me from reaching to kiss him. Stretching my calfs as i go tiptoe for that extra inch. His arms wrapped around my waist pulling close,giving me that extra lift. Lips collide. The emotions soars through me. Blasts of color flash inside my head. Feels like flying.
i hold the memory close as take a leap of that tower.

» Posted By Simmz On 09.11.2012 @ 3:09 pm


i told you i would never fall in love.
i told you if we liked each other then you were stuck.
when you asked me out i knew there was no binding contract of a love.
she was on your mind. we were just 2 people who were very smitten with each other.
and then it all changed when she wouldn’t leave it.
she came back and my world spiraled down.
but we stayed friends. and you said i could live with you.
i knew there was no binding contract that we’d get back together, fall madly in love, and live happily ever after.
but you didn’t have to be so mean.
and now i’m binding my heart with shards of glass still in it.
thanks for crushing my spirit.
and taking every piece that was me with you.
leaving me with what anger binds you to her.

» Posted By simmz On 09.10.2012 @ 1:15 pm


Festival lights.
Starry nights
late night fights
afraid of hights
itchy tights
love bite.
with all my might.
beautiful sight.
its all right
Festival light

» Posted By simmz On 01.31.2012 @ 3:10 pm


such a fun word.
brain function: Uncommon in 80% of americans
Heart malfunction: side effect of dumbass syndrom
Miscomunimafunction: a word i made up to describe the feeling of messing up words your capable of saying
Erectile disfunction: something old men get


» Posted By simmz On 01.30.2012 @ 3:36 pm


I have a friend who is very bland. With his stripped slong sleave shirts he wears daily. and his bland taste in movies and music. But the thing is… he’s not really all that bland. hes just a complete nerd. My little Ponies. Pokemon. Lord of the rings. Star trek. That’s his thing. and he’s so boring… but its exactly those bland and boring things that make me laugh and smile everyday.

» Posted By simmz On 01.11.2012 @ 7:39 am


Why did I stick him the Trunk? I know its wrong. I know I shouldve just left him alone. but he should have left us be and then the trunk wouldnt be covered in his blood. The trunk wouldnt be a hiding space for the dead. but the scary part was that the trunk was empty.
I knew he was there. I saw him. I put him there. He’s blood was seeping into the carpet.

» Posted By simmz On 01.03.2012 @ 3:04 pm


Prom was like a foreign word to me. An exciting foreign word full of happiness. asking a guy to prom or anything was foreign to me… and now we know why prom is a month away and im still dateless. :P

» Posted By simmz On 04.21.2011 @ 3:55 pm


My book shelf is becoming bowed with the number of heavy books I have and yet i feel i dont have enough books yet.
But thats kinda like life. Everyday, or year, or struggle, or good time, we “write” another chapter to our lives. And as we get older our shelf is being weighed down. Yet we feel the need to continue. To move on and add more.

» Posted By simmz On 04.11.2011 @ 6:17 pm


what has any integrity anymor? WHO has integrity? What does it even mean? for me integrity is proving people wrong and proving you can outlast against what they say. But an honest proving of worth, value, importance. Something that comes with in your self. Something you have to do a an honest poor mans day of work, just to live.

» Posted By simmz On 04.08.2011 @ 2:17 pm


What is anyones purpose in life. What was the point in putting us here if were all to be destroyed? I can’t see why God just couldnt erase the world and start in new before we got to 6.8 billion people.
My mothers Purpose… to raise two beautiful healthy children and teach them… if they will listen.=89% complete and a wonderful job she has done.
My Fathers Purpose… to work all his life.= judging by his health status 87% completed… but other than that where has it gotten him.
My brothers purpose… to look after his sisters, mother, and father. and more but unknown… tried =78%
My younger sisters purpose… so far… to annoy me to hell… 95% but i love her like no other friend could. cuz in reality as much as we disagree… she is my best friend.
My purpose…. Do i have a purpose. I cant see it. I must of had one. Mothers still here. Sister isnt dead. Dad still functions. Brother still trying to keep an eye out. I guess my purpose is just to be… be who i am. live like i should. Care about people. Maybe just possibly i have some purpose

» Posted By simmz On 03.31.2011 @ 4:02 pm


a pen is awand to create a story
Life is a story.
so write about. outcomes change and nothing is set untill bound and printed.
make your own

» Posted By simmz On 03.13.2011 @ 5:51 pm


“It was nothing too serious.”
“He’ll be back on Friday.”
“It’s just a flesh wound.”

Three, Five-word statements can make your day a whole lot better.
He’s Alright!
I’ll see him in a few days.

“I think I like him.”
“This is not very good.”
“He thinks I like him. ”

Three, Five-word statements can make your day a whole lot worse.
But he’s alright!
and I’ll see him in a few days.

» Posted By simmz On 03.10.2011 @ 4:16 pm


I wondered what he was thinking about when he hit the ground. Was he thinking “I’m going to die?” or “Don’t show how much it really hurts.”
Was he wondering if he was going to be the talk of the school?
Did he wonder what they were going to do to him.

All I wonder now is what’s going to happen now.

» Posted By simmz On 03.09.2011 @ 5:37 pm


Time is running out. Last question. Where do you see your self when your older. Well I don’t know. Does anybody? College? Street Rat? Determined grocery bagger? Where do I take the final stand agianst the hands of time.
There it went. The final bell. The final test I’d ever have to take in my high school career and I’m pretty sure I blew it on that last question.

When I’m older… I see a death. Its infinitive. Theres no do-overs. No reversal. It’s final.

» Posted By simmz On 03.03.2011 @ 2:04 pm


The feel of his hand tangling themselfs inmy long hair is comforting.He kisses me softly and i feel alive to the fullest. I entwine my hands in his short shaggy hair and we get tangled in the sheets. This is bliss. Sweet, Sweet bliss.

» Posted By simmz On 02.17.2011 @ 5:44 pm


in a dark room all alone she sits and writes beautiful poetry. she waits for her true love to find her and save her from her shallow and pathetic life. with a razor at hand she doodles on her skin. thinking that it makes her beautiful. she never understands how beautiful she already is no matter how many people tell her this. her life is a dark room.

» Posted By simmz On 02.01.2011 @ 5:33 pm

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