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I looked up to the horizon as my horse galloped away from me. Run free, I thought. Now i just have to figure out how to survive in this desert all alone, with not even my horse as a companion.

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I lace my fingers through the wire and shake as hard as I can. Surrounded by four walls with no way out. That’s how it felt to be gated to college.

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“Good, but next time try aiming for the target”, Fred jokingly said as he wen to go retrieve the stray arrow. I sat down on the grass, dropping my bow next to me.
“It’s hopeless, I’ll never be good at this”, I said.
“It’s not hopeless, you have the right idea. But archery is like anything else, you just have to get the technique down.”

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I patted her up and down, making sure she had nothing on her.
“She’s clear,” I said while backing up. Rob stepped in my place.
“Really?”, he scoffed. ” And to think Simon said she’ll be a challenge. Gag her.”
I stepped up to the girl, the gag ready in my hand. But just as I was about to lift it up to cover her mouth she grabbed my wrist and spun me around so I was pressed against her. She slowly brought up a knife and held it against my throat.
“Crap! I forgot to check up her sleeves,” I explained to Rob.
“Rookie mistake kid.”

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I looked around my new surroundings, taking everything in. White wall, desks, glass panels sperating everything. It looked more like a hospital than the place where the end of the world started.

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