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The sun slowly crept up into the sky, casting an orange glow upon the green grass as its rays filled the horizon. She stood underneath the shadows of a tree, and basked in the growing light, and closed her eyes.

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Harry stared at the books in front of him, daydreaming about nothing and everything, when Hermione reached over and poked him on the shoulder. His green eyes focused once more and he glanced down at the sheet in front of him. Tutoring, they’d said, to help Harry focus, not that it was doing much good at all.

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The cafe was simple; quaint even, and yet, there was an atmosphere about it that made one cautious to enter it carelessly. The vibe it carried was nothing short of terror, and the plain decorations almost looked sinister.

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The jelly flopped to the ground in chunks as Harry shook his head. Glaring, he picked up the pie sitting on top of the table peacefully, and with an evil gleam in his eyes, he chucked it at his opponent. The food fight was on, and he would win.

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The lodge was old, the wood nearly falling apart, one part of the roof caged in. Still, Lisa thought with a bit of work, it could return to its former glory, although mostly, she had no choice. This was all that was left for her now, and she was thankful to have even this, no matter how much time and effort it would take her to get it back into a livable space.

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I could feel the lust coursing through my body as the fangs bit into my neck, his hands holding me up gently. Blood rushed out of me, into his mouth, and all I could think of was how hot I was and the never-ending ache between my legs.

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As Carl and I walked down the street, we noticed a strange booth on the side walk. There were many antique objects, all seemingly without purpose, and we were about to pass by without a care, when something caught my eye. It was a ring, or well, looked like a ring. I moved to pick it up when the booth owner stopped me.

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basic is another word for simple primary or by itself it is a word that strips something down to what it is. basic is a good word to use if you want to simplify things or if you want to put something in lemans terms for someone.

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The sunlight poured through the faded glass window, giving the light a pale dying yellow glow instead of the normal shining brightness. Dan looked out of the window, feeling hopeless in this time-stopped space. There was no hope of exiting the house, especially when light failed to enter the twisted space properly.

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The den was full; the sudden storm had herded all near-by creatures into the closest cover available. All the animals quietly sat together, waiting for the storm to pass. No wolf attempted to eat the deer a scant few inches away, nor did the rabbits try to hide from the foxes or owls also inhabiting the cave. After all, they were all comrades at this moment, in the middle of a hell-fire storm.

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life line. beginning, end. flat line. racing and pacing defining our days. flutters when excited.

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proud Mary credence Clearwater revival. Why am I doing this? It seems awfully silly doesn’t it? Proud, some people are proud to be an American, I’m just scared to be one.

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pardon me sir but may i have some of your soup? i am just oh so hungry and my mother doesn’t feed me. she tells me i am too big but i am a boy. shouldn’t i be eating more and more everyday because I am growing? Growing up to be a man like my father, not like my mother. A person who tells me what to do and how much to eat. But I’m a man I should eat a lot! Right sir? Am i right? I think that my mother would hate me if she read this but if i grow up to be a man I can beat her up.

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one time an outlet ate my face. I hate this. this is the stupidest thing in the whole world. what a dumb idea you have made

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Cranes are birds that swoop around riparian areas with beautiful wings. They also lift heavy things into place.

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