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The editor was a hag. Ellie huffed, stomping step by step by step down to the street. She’d show her. She’d show them all.

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Starlight, starbirght, where is the words I need to write. My muse is asleep and the night is dark. Starlight, starbirght give me my words to write.

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The shutters crashed loudly against the side of the house. Rachael woke with a start, her heart pounding fiercely in her throat.

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contracts are deals made by 2 or more parties. there are different types of contracts.

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a place to stay, an action of stopping and being, staying with someone else, not being in your own place, a temporary place, getting on a boat.

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A place where you keep your money or borrow money. A bank is supposed to be safe unless it is the Tri Counties Bank in my town. It has been robbed at least three times in the two years that I have lived here. I don’t know why.

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She couldn’t be faulted for making such a mistake. Everything about him screamed rebel. Really, if he didn’t want people pointing their fingers at him, he shouldn’t have dressed that way, shouldn’t have waved that attitude around.
Emma leaned her forehead against the wall, letting the cold, smooth stone ease the burning in her face. It would be alright. She breathed out heavily, anxious. No one would blame her.

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She tried to concentrate, but again her attention was drawn to the hideous mustard-coloured blazer the woman was wearing. Idly, she wondered if she could burn the thing without being arrested for attempted homicide.

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She could feel the weight of it pressing down around her, twining greedy fingers around her lungs. The hard knot in her chest refused to budge.
He turned from her then, taking steady steps away from her. Always going the opposite direction. Always treading where she couldn’t reach for him.

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She had mentioned to him once that she would never have known what to do in the same situation. That his bravery in those few seconds, just the beat of a heart, a fragile breath in-drawn, was enough to draw her to his side.

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sometimes you can drink and get drunk. sometimes you can drink and have fun. wine with friends is fine. Fine wine is sexy and romantic. Wine kindles friendship. Wine connects people. Wine can bring passion and inspiration

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Some measure wealth by the number of things you have. Others measure by dollar signs. I measure it by the loved ones around me and the memories we make together. That is wealth.

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It was the most eligible bachelor in town, or so they said. Setting my sights on him was no brainer. After all, I was out to find the biggest fish in the pond, and he was as big as they come.

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I closed my eyes and placed my finger on the spinning globe. It stopped and I open my eyes, excitement running through me. Paris stared back and visions of my next adventure scored through my mind.

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I stood at the end of the open field and watched the glider soar across the sky. I picked my cuticles as he made circles and flew as easy as the birds behind him. This was his one chance to fulfill his bucket list, who was I to add reason.

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The excitement of the moment drained away as I watched his brow furrow in a frown, pick up his phone and began thumbing through his email. He nodded at what he thought appropriate times, never noticing I stopped talking. It was the woman the booth next to us.

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Sweep. Sweeping again. How much she hated it. She always had to do it by herself and it was not fair that she had to sweep while her brother could sit on the couch and watch his favorite TV program.
“Why do I have to do it and not him?” she had asked many times.
“Darling, he’s a boy”
Damn boys. They always get what they want.

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They are supposed to have a special place in their hearts for the little ones and a special understanding for young mothers. I screamed into the phone “my baby just had a seizure. She’s breathing now, but doesn’t seem to know me or her sister.” My daughter’s pediatrician replied.”Stop being hysterical, she was just holding her breath.”

“I’m a nurse, I said. “I know the difference between a seizure and a child holding her breath you condescending prick.

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Growing up I promised myself I would not repeat history. I would live a different life than what I knew. I fought my way up and out, determined. I deserved better. Funny how history tends to repeat itself, whether we want it or not.

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Shit. I can’t see a damn thing. Everything is blurry, just like my life. I don’t have a clue where to go from here. The whole world looks blurry and out of focus. Shit.

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The accommodations were modest compared to Helene’s house, but there was enough space for them to set everything up if they were careful.

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Well, All of the events of this last year were unplanned. I never expected to be in the little town of Vandalia, furthering my education. I don’t know why all of these things happened to me when they did but, I am glad they did. I can finally breathe.

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The bourbon burned viciously on it’s path from to her stomach, but it failed to erase the taste of whatever it was that had died in her mouth. She grimaced, blinking heavily in the dim light as she slid the glass across the surface of the table.

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The wheelchair was a solid weight beneath her, wheels bent slightly from the beating she had given them, stubbornly still now despite her desperate need to continue moving forward.

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They’d been tracking them for what seemed like months, morning and night melding together into a kaleidoscope of muted colours beneath the thick bowers of the trees. Autumn’s firm grasp still lingered here, the reds and golds at odds with the frosted breath of Winter creeping along the forest floor.

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Favor focus praise finish complete, power, wisdom, dream, stretch, push, believe,master, prepare, plan, determine,finish, happy, fulfill,share, love, travel secure, desire, compassion, wish, prepare,faith, committment, friendship, open relax, prosper, health, insight, trust, except, expect, do, quick, knowledge, fearless, courage,

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Ten years and I feel like a prisoner in my own home. How did that happen? When did he turn from the white knight in shining armor to my warden?

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I used to live in the Bluegrass State, Kentucky. But the grass was not blue. It was green. Lots of horses. No glue grass.

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Her heart pounded and her breathes came in jagged rasps. She glanced over her shoulder her hair obscuring her view. She ran harder as the pounding footsteps closed in darkness so thick it she didn’t see the railway ties until she lay across them. The footsteps crunched on the gravel beside her and darkness fell.

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bottles . . . when I have to do something and don’t want to, I bottle up my energy, turn to my computer and play candy crush saga. When I don’t want to face my feelings or memories, I bottle up my emotions and do anything else.

» Posted By Sheila On 08.29.2013 @ 11:14 am

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