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We were sitting on the couch just looking at nothing while silence wrapped the whole atmosphere. A sigh from him first break it followed by connected movements we both have to do to finally break it. He asked me if I want something, I answered with a slight movement of my head from left to right. He shrugged followed by stretching of his legs. He offered water to continue the conversation. I took an effort to answer ‘no’ but my voice seems so small I think he hardly hear it. He moved closer, at first a little but as he let out a raspy groaned he pulled me in with such fury I didn’t tried to strangle. He kissed me hard with no intention of letting go. I grasp for air and looked at his face with a thought in my mind: Ages is not variable now, as long as he make me feel this way, I don’t care I’m in love with my Maestro.

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The ingredients to the sauce he was preparing was almost absurd and hard to find so he went to cottage near his to fetch the ivy he needed.

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