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“Sweetie, i’m just…I, look. I made a few mistakes when I had you and God knows i’m trying to correct them now. If you won’t let me help you then-”
“I DON’T NEED HELP! Just because my room is unkempt and whatever, just..go.”
“But you’ve been so distant and i can HELP you!”

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“No. Nope. NOPE. Get back, get back off the edge.”
“But, I can’t die here twice, right?”, Rory gasped, nervously.
“I DON’T KNOW. GET BACK, DON’T DO THIS!”, Amy screamed.
Rory leaned backwards, dangerously.
Amy ran to him, clasped his hands in hers.
“If we die, we die together, okay?”

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She didn’t know where to look. Left? “There ain’t nothing scary about a wall” she muttered to herself, hesitantly. She took a step. Then another. Then another. BAM. It was a mirror too. It had been years and years, or maybe days? Maybe hours? A month? She’d been here forever. Or was she in her mind? So much for a palace.

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leave me to my destination.
don’t apprehend me.
i’m all alone, and i’ve got no time baby.
i’m out of luck, i’m floating off into space.
i’m all tangled up, a mess of positivity and oxymorons and i’m everything i’m not.
so let me drown.
what if i come out on the other side a mermaid?
don’t apprehend me.
i’m done.

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She was a punk rocker. He wasn’t. One guitar, never used. One house, never used. One relationship, wasted. One life, never lived.
The end?

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The promise was binding. It kept me away, it pulled me closer. My world was the binding promise, my world was my need to know more. I couldn’t, yet I wanted to. It was killing inside, it consumed me. Binding promises, eating me up inside. Never again.

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The binding of a book is very difficult to deal with sometimes. It comes off, it stays, it represents our need and want to read the book. We read, read and read, reading while sleeping, reading while sitting, walking while reading, so much so that the binding comes off and we must hold a mass of pages together to continue with the beautiful story.

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