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To remaster the key locks, to relive a masterpiece, to rezone into the spot, re-doing all that must have been done… sadly he forgot to repay the Landlord.

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Books, weapons, careless men; involving herself in the most deadliest of all, so she bought a squirrel. It tore her heart out, and now she is involved in open heart surgery.

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“Please,” the woman said sincerely. Her hair was tied with a shoelace up and tidy, waiting for a demand of answers. “Well, i must clarify that you are real,” his dark tone followed with the shoelace falling on the concrete with no more sincere words from the mysterious woman that will never be revealed to this day.

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Oh chocolate, the only one that never left her side. Every other being was out the door, with so many chocolate boxes left over from expired love; the lady still loved them all. Over time, another name finally loved the woman too, it was called Diabetes.

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The screens that interact across the world fulfilling your heart, but does it form the same part you wish it could? Screens to help the bugs move the opposite way, butterflies will look into each crinkle of every detail that was ever layered over and over to remind themselves, where did i come from? A screen where i could not come back in and before i couldn’t come out… almost like a cocoon buried inside. Screens give us a mystery to what we need, to watch the t.v screens at the mall, down the street. The news giving us information on where to hide, where to live, and what we should be searching for. The screens are everywhere, where are yours?

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Watch the shore, watch the waves and hear the wind. Your watch is buried under the deep
sea water.

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The bricks tumbling down one by one like an earthquake in the middle of July… I knew the elderly man across the street that used to sell plums to be able to cover his lotion for his feet without melting to the ground.

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The calm shadows of a serious matter, what should I do?, What would I do? I looked at myself in the mirror strangely as the morning was waking up and my grouchiness was in anchor.

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