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It was something that all of my high school teachers must have felt. it is the only thing that got me through those horrible years. Puling out small sheets of paper that held the answers and notes are the only way i would succeed.

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the equality of life. one thing comes around and one thing comes back. i think that this defiantly will effect everyone lives at one point. my youngest brother used to say “instant karma” alot. i dont know much about budda

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green, the hppies fighting for equal rights. marijuanna and tye dye, colors and spring. animals and forests, deep greens. lots of huge pines, the smell of dirt and wind. walks and hikes.

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the party was dragging on itnto the early morinmgn and hemmingway couldnt decide who to belive about the situation on how to get home. Mary suggested he take a cab becasue of the copious amounts of alcholol he had been drinking since early that day, whild july decided she could drive him.

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