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Hungry…I haven’t thought of food for at least 7 minutes. It gets easier as I go they all say that. But they lied. I thought this would go more slowly. But. It hasn’t. And now I see that from now on I’ll have to find my own food. It’s not all that hard to find you know, the place is open and unguarded all the time. I like the pink ones with their little cheeks so red. Not like the black ones we had for awhile, much sweeter and not so hard to skin. They are usually pretty hard to catch and I hate to try to ambush them too. They cry when you pull the skin off and are so bloody with cutting. But I do love to watch them just before I cut them in half. Then while I suck the blood and find myself replete with their bodies in my stomach, I start thinking of finding another , sweeter rounder, and more juicy. Ahhh, on to another georgia orchard.

» Posted By sauni On 09.03.2013 @ 10:16 pm

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