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Stampede. Shivers that takes me back to documentaries with David Attembourgh, watching a herd of animals stampede across a landscape when they are being chased by a predator. I watched in awe as the helicopter lens would span across the herd, they looked so small and yet so significant.

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Pianos. The main medium of much music which spreads across the world today. I consider the movement of fingers across the embonies and ivories of history to be a talent that have preserved much emotion, culture and traditions across the centuries. When someone has the ability to simply pick up a piece of music and turn dots and squiggles across a page into a story, a movement of complexity and ideas they are an artist. Piano. A window to a persons soul.

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efficient.Lets dance upon the stage, making the most of every movement, every leap in the air, every burst of energy to convey emotion. Good dancers use their energy and their bodies efficiently to become moving works of art.

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“cmon, write something about wrought”
“what does it even mean?”
“uh, tiredness?”
“overspent, useless, forgotten?”
“how long til the time runs out and the the thing that used to mean so much has turned to dust?”

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Sunsets are from stratospheres. The brilliant yellows, oranges, purples and pinks intermingle with the dust and particles hovering in the air.

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Walls. She stayed within the same walls within her school, occasionally pondering what could be discovered beyond. It had been a long journey for her, the seconds, the minutes, the hours, weeks, terms, semesters and years that had past confined within her own educational foundation. Then an opportunity arose, and she saw it beyond the horizon- forever residing as she moved towards it. Now what seemed impossible, to escape the cloistered environment was only a few words and a city trip away. At the horizon- she felt like she had reached freedom.

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auxiliary.According to the dictionary, it means giving support to people.
The student gazed at her computer screen in daunting horror. The massive project was due tomorrow, the folders, the source synthesis table, the pages of bibliography notes. She questioned whether anyone would notice if she handed it in after a frenzied lunch session, then debated getting an extension or auxiliary help.

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advisor. I have just spent three days with an advisor. Giving tips on study skills, planning, time management. There are lots of people who are prepared to give you help, but its only you that can choose to take their advice and put it to good use.

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Turbine. The word of the past,present and future. The process of creating energy, while mostly thermal heat energy is created. Its using the force of something powerful to convert the kinetic energy of a moving fluid, either water or wind into mechanical energy to make an engine transport, create electricity or change the movement of an object. Time ticks- but thats a cog in a wheel.

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Nest. The pattering of the cold hard rain slivering down the window panes. The deep rumbling of thunder, the curtains occasionally lighting up like sunshine, then fading into the moonlight. I feel safe, the blanker wrapped around me like a warm nest.My eyes droop to the rustling of leaves, turned about by the wind and wake to the still sunrise air.

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Racket. He kept on walking, past the bustling crowd continuing to talk about the secret to immortality. I felt that I had heard it all before, and this was all just a racket.

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Treaty. You don’t realise how excited I am to see this word- I just finished a History essay on how hitler rose to power. So I had a whole paragraph on the Treaty of Versaille, how it was a quick peace solution to a long and exhausting war and arguably brought more problems to it than solutions.

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To receive something back, either something that you treasure or something that you dislike. Receiving a essay back again to hand up the final is good, but can also make you feel overwhelmed by the amount of things needed to be changed.

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missed hearing yesterday, so i will write about that. This week has made me aware by the number of times I have been caught yawning in class. Its not because the thing that I am learning is boring, but its because I am usually tired or am lost in what the teacher is saying. I can’t hear the message, so I open my mouth in silence.

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Upright. I don’t do this enough. I’m not sure of what to say, mentioning vertical lines and measurements and time and how it is on the most difficult things to measure.

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The line that came up in my head was “Why is a raven like a writing desk” or something like that. the truth is, a palette is quite a nice word that means a variety of different things.

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Radical. Anything that’s different, unexpected or surprising. Thinking differently, acting differently and not considering or caring about the consequences. Being self-confident about yourself and not concerning about what other people think or say. There’s a quote written by Dr Seuss that applies to this and it goes “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

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Warned. Preparing for the worst, or ignoring advice might lead to to regret. The word usually comes from the voice of the mother, “You were warned.”

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Dense. When I first saw the word, I immediately thought of dense fog. Dense is a type of concentration, and a description used in fictional stories, scientific reports and even poetry. In some ways it can be interpreted as quantity over quality, or the conciseness of a written essay. Dense is matter in the mind, and in the functioning of a car. Dense can be a crowd of people with the same voice over a particular issue, or represent division of opinions. The verb is an example of no shades of grey, no undecided choices or positions in a issue, so dense can be contrasting. Dense is the opposite of vast, and vast can be a long winded written report on a single word. In the end, its up to us as to how we define dense.

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Preoccupied. A teacher stood at the front of the class, her powerful voice and passionate interest spreading through the class, for all except one. It was a beautiful day, complete with blue skies and birds, and the girl in the corner of the class was gazing out the window, preoccupied in her own thoughts, longing to feel the sun in her hair rather than the chill of her teachers angry voice behind her back.

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Couch. How much time you spend on a couch is a great way to measure how effectively you manage your time. People who use their time well won’t be sitting on the couch, the opposite the latter.

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A verb that I like to use often in english essay writing. It sounds more proper than “worry” and the word has a deeper meaning to me, when someone is concerned about something.

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An emotion, a ending score. A height measurement, or a result of a product. Four vowels. Three constanants.

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The Builder of Globalisation. The go in go, the ability to send products from one side of the world to the other. The intermingling of ideas and cultures across the air and along the seas, making our world smaller.

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Drifting through space, belonging in a mid dimension. I saw a bird hover over a branch before it dived to another tree. It had its long outstretched feathers that touched the whispers of the wind, before it glided away so elegantly into the sunset.

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I was stunted. Before me stood a giant maze, so large that I could barely see the tiny pin prick people inside of it. The maze was made of an English box hedge, and had to be constantly clipped to maintain its immaculate shape.

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I walked to school just the other day. Came up the stairs and had my first class that day. My teacher gave me a mars bar, for doing something right in the day. I opened up the wrapper, and found I had won another mars bar that day. That school day was a pretty good day.

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Butterflies are insects. They come from a very small egg, and they eat their way outside of their tiny home into a different world as a tiny caterpillar. These little creatures in a way look like miniature pieces of art, with their colourful and sometimes unusual patterns that either camouflage with their predominately green realm, or contrast with their surroundings. After spending most of their time as caterpillars exploring this world, and eating plenty of leafy greens these creatures will bind themselves to a branch and hide in their self made sticky domain for a few weeks. During that time, they grow and morph into a creature that does not even resemble a caterpillar. They grow wings and learn to fly.
There’s something important about the life of a butterfly.

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Something small that makes such a big difference to the world.

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The joy division.
The feeling of running til you can hear the throbbing of your heartbeat through your ears. For just a moment, one few glorious moments, you feel like you are flying, as the cool wind blasts your face and filters through your hair. There’s nothing stopping you, and there’s no reason to stop. For you are just living within the moment, just enjoying the next stride, and the next, and the next. Running away from the past and welcoming the future.
That’s the joy division.

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