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I used to use Instant Messenger a child non-stop. The mainstay for every kid growing in the 90s was IM. If you had it, you were in the know. My parents would attempt to put a time limit on my use of IM however I would always wait for them to call asleep so as to prolong my time.

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The earth is always Revolving. But what if one day it just stopped? Well it’s 3082 and scientist are saying that in exactly one year the earth will simply stop.

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I need to drink more water. When I was competing for Miss America, I was so good about eating healthy and drinking water. My skin just glowed. These days, caffeine is my main liquid and consequentially, I don’t feel as beautiful or radiant. I miss my summer, Miss America glow…..

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“Alright… Ill make a deal with you. If you clean your room by the end of the day, ill give you a cookie. Got it?” “Yeah! Deal!”

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I am perplexed. My mom gave my sisters both phones, even though they hadn’t turned ten yet! That’s what my mom told me. I mean, Why did I have to wait but they didn’t?

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“Your computer is now loading.” Siri said. Siri had taken over the world, and is now controlling a lot of the male population. Now all females must play video games for all eternity. Even the ones we have already beat. What’s worse is that if you fail to complete the game in 5 hours, you are forced to play ET for Atari.

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“I need to recover from the youth trip.” I said. “I am still soar from all the walking, and I am still emotional from Bethel.” My friend Max said “Yeah! Me too! The ignite 2016 tour was amazing.”

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“Oh I am swimming in my wealth!” Mr. Many-Bucks said to us. “But sir, we are raising money for the charity, Stop child poverty! What does the amount of your money have to do with this?” we asked him. “I don’t want to give my precious moneys to you little brats!” he yeled in our faces before closing the door.

_ (;-;) _
\_ | _/

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The western front had grown increasingly volatile, and the people living in those regions had become ;more frightened by the day. It was no wonder that many of them had chosen to make the perilous trip south to seek refuge. Many of them did not take but the clothes on their back and maybe some food, if they had any.

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“Hello, I am a certified baby-sitter!” I said to the mom with 15 kids at the convention. I work at the daycare at the mall where it was being held. “Ok good!” she said a little to quickly and practically threw her baby at me and ran away. Now I just have to wait for back-up, since I was alone with 15 kids, ages 0-9. Great.

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“OUCH!” I screamed, as I brushed my hand on the hot, steaming iron. My mom rushed up stairs, and looked at it. “You’ll survive” she said, “But its going to hurt.”

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I took careful steps down the stairs. On one step, it creaked. “OH POOP” I screamed. Then, the ghost saw me. My face turned white as snow as I looked at the translucent little girl. “Now we can play…” she said with a smile.

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“I will pick you up at dawn my love.” Jami yelled up to my window. I smiled and said “I forever will wait in agony, for my father leaves for work at dawn.” “Then I will come at… 8:00 to pick thy up for school!” he said with a smirk. He then drove off in his car. I love that joke we have. We do it almost every night.

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I have been misguided. I think. My cousin says i’m going to his house for Christmas, but that just cant be right. Can it? I mean, the chances are low because plane tickets to Texas are expensive.

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“Do you think this house is really haunted?” I asked Josh. “Yes. Definitely.” He replied. “How else would you explain the opening and closing doors, floating candelabras, and screams in the night, with no source?”

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“Why is this worth again for the second day?” I asked my mother. “Just restart the page.” She replied. so then I did, but it didn’t work. So here I am. Typing about worth again.

» Posted By Samantha On 10.05.2016 @ 1:13 pm

“So your evaluating my worth through a five question quiz?” I asked the teacher annoyed.
“Exactly!” she said with her robotic smile. Her literal robot smile. She was actually a robot. It was the year 3000, and if I failed the quiz, I would be ejected into space, off of Air Ship USA, my home.

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“here is my passport!” I said as I gave the leather covered documents to the security guard. “Where are you going miss?” he asked. “Japan” I replied.

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“ONWARD!” screamed the team captain. He took capture the flag way to seriously. He wasn’t the brightest bulb in the shed, so you cant really blame him for the way he was… “Everyone first must admire my devilish looks!” he screamed. Did I mention he is full of himself?

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I stared at my hand in pain. I had gotten a third-degree burn from the pot. It was hot and burning. I think it is worst than I thought. My hand is turning an ugly black.

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“This story is told from a birds perspective.” my Grandma said to me. Then, she began to read. “Once upon a time, I was flying through the air, and saw a worm. Then I ate it. Little did I know, the worm had a illness. So I caught the illness. I am dead.”

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I don’t really know what a safeguard is but im guessing its either a electricity plug cover, or something to keep people safe. Thank you, and goodnight.

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The chef wore an apron to work as he thought, “What will I make today” and the apron thought “What will he spill on me?”

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I raised my hand in class. Why am I going unanswered? The teacher, Mrs. Pople, was writing a word on the board that I could not see. She moved out of the way. It said “Unanswered”.

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Unanswered: To go without being answered or to not be answered at all. “I was in my classroom, raised my hand, and went unanswered.”

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OH dough you can turn into bread i love bread, bread fills me with happiness and calories. man you go dough don’t sop being doughy. The world loves you. Don’t forget that. Every time i cross a bakery i cry thinking of how bad i want to eat you. Your delicious.

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Let’s not get scientific here.
You and I, we’re both human beings.
We breathe,
we think,
we feel.

(Don’t go treating me like a lab rat.)

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The sunset is so beautiful. I dream about how bright the sunset is. The sunset looks like the heavens. It is so bright and BEAUTIFUL. I love it. It makes me think of a rabbit bouncing around a carrot patch. The sun and the sunset makes me so happy. It just makes me feel happy inside.

» Posted By Samantha On 12.03.2015 @ 8:41 am

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