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Horses are more intelligent that many people think. They can be mischievous too: one I used to know liked to stand on my foot, slowly, applying more and more pressure until I squirmed. I think he didn’t want to hurt me: at least I hope he didn’t.

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Hats were a passion of Archie’s. He had cowboy hats, fedoras, sombreros, anything you could name in almost any colour imaginable. Hats with feathers, with jewels, made of felt, made of straw.

No-one knew what he looked like under all of them, though.

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The board was skewed crazily on the table’s edge. My brother rolled a die and moved his piece, setting it down gently on one of my houses only to have it slide three spaces onto a chance space.

I glared at him. This was not in any sense fair.

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Strollers are an essential part of every parent’s toolkit. Some forget to get them, though, and everything can break… Marco’s improvisation for one afternoon was a cardboard box on a skateboard.

His wife was not amused by his creativity.

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Cousins can be interesting. Jared’s oldest cousin was the one who’d taught him how to eat Jawbreakers properly. His youngest had taught him to fly fish.

The middle one had taught him what a hangover was.

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Trot trot trot. I did this yesterday. i remember this. It wasn’t easy then and it isn’t any easier now.It’s like knowing what I have to do gets in the way of doing it– like memory actually hinders progress. Or it could be my embarrassment at a perceived failure… who knows?

Who even knows what I’m really talking about? Heh.

» Posted By Sagewolf On 10.15.2009 @ 6:53 pm

Trot, trot, trot… trotting is a hard pace on a horse, he thought. Up and down,up and down, it was beginning to really hurt! He couldn’t wait until his muscles adjusted to the trek and he could start waking up without feeling sore everywhere. But, knowing his friends, they’d find ways to keep him sore well and truly to the end of their outing.

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Pregnant again. It wasn’t unexpected; rather, it would have been more of a surprise if she hadn’t been. Still, she wasn’t ready; wasn’t prepared. It was a big and strange thing to try to prepare for, and there wasn’t the matter of the family to work in to everything, either… it would be quite enough on its own.

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It had been a long time since he’d stopped asking for that most wonderful, most elusive, most mysterious of presents: a little brother. But now, the ‘maybe next year’s had changed; instead, he got a sly “perhaps” and a knowing wink passed from parent to parent.

This year…maybe? This year, he could dare to hope.

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It was cold! Freezing, bloody cold. Who’d convinced him to participat in this madness? He couldn’t even swim roperly: there were ten-year olds in there going faster than he was: if he wasn’t so tall he’d be underwater. Oh well. He’d agreed to it and it was time to man up: he lifted his feet off the bottom and began thrshing his way toward the other side of the pool.

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The dog wagged his tail incessantly: it made lamps and other fragile objects almost leap off tables, books lose pages with strange and perples=xing constancy, and covered everything, EVERYTHING, in the house with a fine dusting of short, sort-of-greasy, black fur. Yet no-one seemed to mind,or even notice– all was forgiven of Rocky. No matter what.

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The stall was small, dark, and cramped. The straw lining the bottom was covered in dark stains, although where they had come from was a mystery. other than from the hatchling, that was– it was going to be nigh-impossible to get the gryphon to trust her. That was starting to be obvious: after coming from a place like this, she couldn’t expect him to like humans, let alone trust them.

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Modern technology isn’t the pinnacle of what can be achieved– not in the least. Things we don’t use anymore have decreased in quality, the secrets of making and maintaining them lost or hidden. Other things, which we have no use for yet, or at least think not, have not been developed. Technology will continue to grow and stagnate at the same time, until we either die or abandon it altogether.

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He was a kind and caring person. Cliche, his friends told him, but true: the quintessential noble spirit. it led to some of his most crushing crises, his most dispiriting dregs of days and weeks and months: anything someone else had trouble with was just as much his problem. Still, despite common sense, he didn’t stop. No-one could figure that part out.

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